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bound to be happy

we sharpen the bread knife. we spread the bilberry jam on the white
bread slice with the blade of the knife. clouds after clouds gather
over our heads. it almost smells like rain you tell me how beautiful
it will be when it will rain. how good it will be the very next moment.
we tell to each other our tales about the edge of time upon which we sit
back to back. only a piece of ground from where we will never escape.
after all what else can be happiness but this standstill. before something new
would happen. you know just like me that we almost forgot that we’re humans.

the wind is our friend and the silky rain the same. this make believe
of seen and unseen things. that means even the sun and even the black cats
that used to be scared in front of us hiding in the ill being of the night
because of too many exorcisms or too many domesticated gods. now
it is good even for me the one too much forgotten by her kin. I can see
beyond the animal side of things. I know that time flows and the price
of each and every word is bigger that it seems. we are together and this
is good. that’s what you tell me. I say that we are sad. a kind of merciful
and conscious sadness. something beautiful that makes the spectators of
the human condition to cry or to smile without being noticed by the others.
we are just two people or maybe many people who are bound to sell
opium for peanuts to others. yes.

it is wonderful that the world makes music or the world is changing
its underwear that the stars are silver spurs for a life that drags the yoke
underneath. the only reality that exists and thus we respect because
it is the one and only and we two we look at each other with love or
with the boredom of being alive we too in the same instinctual manner.

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morning exercise

good morning
with half opened eyes you can see your life
running like a fairy at the window
shaking the cherry flowers from her hair
raising the train of her dress between her fingers
it would have been unusual not to fall in love
not to see growing among clouds
swans in pairs white hearts in pairs
while you sip your rosemary tea
good morning I command to you
if you stare with wide opened eyes
you see this life
an old cocotte with thick makeup and dilated nostrils
sniffing you as if you were half dead
throwing on your table the dry bread and the hard boiled egg
take it there’s no time for bargain take a drop of sunshine
a pinch of salt on your tongue
swallow at once
like this…open your eyes very slowly until your lives begin to wrestle
and smash one another until dust

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those days the sun flew like corn flour
freshly ground at the mill’s race
even in winter it was yellow
when I pressed it down with my thumb
as if it were an unfastened button on my chest

I cut my way hardly with a club
through the tall weed field
until my knee high socks
were filled with thistle tassels
jumping over the fence like a thief
so no one knew where I was

when the Big Dipper rose over the barn
I slipped on the manger’s opening
inside freshly cut grass
stealing my grandma’s small chair for milking
singing for the young foal with a star on its front

those days all hearts were red and warm
in the shape of a ginger bread heart
each star was a story
whispered by fairies in the daffodils’ glade

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Woven in Songs

A butterfly tapestry in their clumsy flight,
It might have been an excess or a lack,
Looking at her with my shortsighted eyes
over warm grass drenched in green flames.

Her temples burning under wings,
A young girl was running,
Like a woman bent over piano keys
Tilting, dreaming and playing.

I don’t want a pinned butterfly,
I don’t want a grass blade in my book,
All other stories are the same
Was saying her to me aside.

She was running: dents, ripples, murmurs,
Sunrays, nervures, silk threads,
Watery green, my lessening eyes,
Transparent and light-colored bride.

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A Walk in the Rain

Clear, cherished rain,
woven and breathing like old cloths
catching new scents outdoors,
covering my window when no one could see me,
a lonely girl in front of a trembling mirror

I went across you to reach your boundaries,
walking on my heels, arms stretched stealthily,
eyes and nostrils opened,
following your road between sky and seas
letting you build me in a wall
from foundations to the roof’s top
singing in eaves

Impetuous rain, wrested out,
foaming, streaming with innocence,
flooding my dreams flown to nowhere,
joining fresh grafts on memories
to tame their future flowers…

Sometimes when I listen to you
silence grows deeper over oceans

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