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„Say it’s only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn’t be make believe
If you believed in me”

Life is never what it seems to be
I was sixteen and I couldn’t agree –
So quickly twenty years just flew away
So disappointed I woke up one day,

Dusty old dreams needed a cleaning
When I understood a deeper meaning –
A strong belief can reach the mountain’s roof,
It’s useless to search for another proof.

We’re responsible for what we think
Even when our hopes begin to sink –
Since then, under any kind of weather,
Truth and beauty always stayed together.

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Reaching Out

A mask was walking beside me
I didn’t ask for her name
it was in March a century ago
snow was melting gloves were left at home
and anyway no one cared about masks
no one pitied their tears
no one was impressed by their smiles
That’s what I was thinking
that’s why I never wore masks

She was insisting that I give her shelter
hiding my face looking through her eyes
I didn’t listen to her proposal
following the road towards a crowded city square
There I walked round and round fresh fountains
smiling and crying
hoping that someone will notice me

It was so strange I was among talking masks
no one recognized me no one said hello
That old ragged mask must have been falling in the dust
somewhere behind me
I was alone


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Cuckoo Voice

on the crowded boulevard
words were running in opposite directions
I was weaned off speech
while others gave praise
to colored balloons and fireworks
only my words were true
without ribbons or laces

I bought a large brim hat
to hide my dumbness grimace in the crowd
it feels so bad when you get into light
from a bastard cocoon
it is so hard to fly
after crawling shamelessly

words are like one day old butterflies
flying in all directions
they have even learned to climb up to the moon
against my will they are no longer mine

and while I try to catch them
like any other human
a black bird is at wake
under a cuckoo nest

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