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Plaster Statues

Far too close to the water’s edge
my soles rooted in sand
like wild lilies drained of dew,
heart’s valves smothering,
words bulging in river’s waves,
clouds rolling above like heavy marble

No ford no bridge
only one stray horse on the eyot
if it had rained our shapes might merge
free from the pledge of dreams
without boundaries

I’m breathing deeper,
my arms have leaden scales,
I can’t mold the sand inside me
with my finger tips drowning
in tears

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A Traveler’s Refuge

Now my heartbeat is measured in fathoms
its ticking swirls in the depths
I recollect diluted smiles in photographs
erased footprints in rusty sands
crouching words like hedgehogs in my thoughts
old toys and tinsel from long forgotten Christmas trees

It is good that I can hear the rain
pattering on dry leaves
eyes are like sponges
washing away traces
and I am almost certain
at the edge of the road
that stars are still reading
the snow covered map
of my tomorrow’s journey

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Autumn Nostalgia

The wind hardly breathes
under a rusty crust,
hot leaves are burning
like stifled dreams inside cushions,
growing in heaps of broken flights
on a rain foundation.

I should grasp them all in my fist,
crush them and throw the powder
over the last fangs of grass.

The sun would set down limpid
free from rings of fog,
the winds would brush more easily the rain
like someone carelessly wipes one tear
dropping from a single eye,
the snow would wrap up the world’s waist,
springtime stars would appear,
white and unknown.

And maybe I will fall asleep
apart from dreams
near a numbed ticking clock
one hour belated.

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Solitude’s Hopes, Bell’s Ropes

My eyelids are crumpling
like lemon skins squeezed
until the very last,
a hidden flame is dripping
through open and bitter pores.

Incense is burning in the chapel,
my knees’ traces
scatter in cinders
near the iron stove,
a white sun glides
upon pew arms.

At snowfield’s edge
roofs are fuming, trains are running,
people on the corridors
are clutching the window bars
hand after hand,
a thread of words tightens,
bells are tolling for vespers
closer and closer.

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Barbed Wire

the trees threw away their load
from ground to peak
stepping with their roots
upon freedom

in the town where you left me
fences are coated in ice
I began to tremble
from outskirts towards center
my fingers clutching the wire
my smile electrocuted by tears
leaves slipping under my soles
like mummified love letters

I will eat many seeds this winter
until my buds will get tough
until branches will grow intertwined
up to my willow’s hollow
bowing over the fence

someday I shall pass on the other side
following our footprints
feeding doves from my hands
with fresh wheat germs

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