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Perpetuum Mobile

A smell of burnt nails
spreads at the farrier workshop,
horse’s tail swirls
trying to get rid of gadflies.
The man brought him here,
tightened the rope
and bellows are now panting
heating a purple fire.

The horse would cry if he had tears
in this perpetual torture
with his guilt measured
by the size of his hoofs.
Still he stays tied to that pillar
while sledgehammers hit rhythmically
as on a church bell board.
Then he recovers to be harnessed
dragging the wagon
far from the green pasture
where he was biting the grass
in full moon light.

Now the road is sloping,
his body aches
wrapped in the scent of yellow hay.
Everything rests the same –
men, horse whips, stables and night’s Pegasus.

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Wild Horses Race

I’m asking you, man.
When you have tamed the knight
to skip the chess table’s squares,
were you thinking
only about snowless wars ?

Between white and black,
striking each other,
including their bishops,
you have decided to banish
all gray shades.

Your horse knelt in his harness
with his sousing curb bit
in that fierce battle
where chivalry clatters and bugles
were singing the last confession for many.

But at a far distance, on unknown pathways,
wild horses were racing like storms,
warming with their hearts
the grasses, the clear blue sky
and the vultures’ flight.

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