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Redemption Street

it was a city where high heels seldom popped
on the daily trespassed asphalt
but when that happened the earth trembled from its hinges
like the tables from the dining car
swirling swifter than toy pinwheels in the children’s playground

couples of lovers with thin shoe soles walked upon kerb stones
learning to step blindfolded eye-to-eye
like in a townsfolk’s facebook
people exchanged their wedding and baptism photos
look I give you my dead ones my past since Adam and Eve
you give me yours
we stay chatting we talk about talks we utter words about wording
some person tried to say something on his own and after that he broke apart
he forgot even about who art in heaven
he shrank water-soaked clinging to the wires
like an odd colored sock

it was in the beginning of the third millennium
when many still believed in Robinson Crusoe’s Bible
up in the pastures grass sprouts were still luscious and that was amazing

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