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nutcracker 2

In the dolls’ house madonna wears her golden hair in long plaits. She had never seen a rainbow. The clouds are farther than the sun, the nutcracker is alive, snow white stays white in her crystal coffin, all dolls come to life when the big key is turned in the old grandfather clock.
In the valley of tears madonna has a round belly. She hardly sustains the full moon on the sky. Everybody touches her with the tip of their fingers, they all crave for green figs, it rains bitter cherry tears from above. People suffer to raise her up over the umbrella trees in the dry savannah. Death hops around like a kangaroo carrying the whole planet in its pocket. It walks like a canephora on the road of sacrifice, the sun on its head. Madonna doesn’t know yet which one is heavier: the earth, the sun or the moon inside her body.
Madonna is an elder woman. She tells her stories near the fireplace in the room with all her loved ones painted on the walls, with their auras shining like embers. Her words are the living blood flowing from the spring source with a blackened cross over it. The word of god never freezes in the language of every child, inherited from father to son. Only the dead ones are silent and shared to each other, without any privilege, either hell or heaven. The priest draws the line of the survey at the last eucharist.
On madonna’s front the ointment is cold. Another doll has come to life.

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Atop of a white mountain
a voice recalls for some of us
abandoned hurricanes.
(On the screen a planiglobe,
the Bible and an olive branch.)
The forecast weather is missing
and also the dove which returns
meeting with a land
not exhausted yet.

I’s true that until it will show up
we will still have a hot burning sun
far above our heads.

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Roses and Diamonds

I shall overcome you
my hands are blazing torches
more powerful than any poison
they will burn down your green envy
cold lightnings calculated bursts
I won’t stumble I won’t fall
stepping between rattlesnakes
when darkness shrouds your crypt

stone figures are watching me
building walls around
I don’t care about others’ judgement
I’m just a human soul believing
a rose is more important
than a diamond

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Magnetic North

stemming from their roots
senses are tangential to reality
the surface tension force
draws towards the center
the Earth like a strange dew drop
clogging up the living blood

at night I’m dreaming abyssal creatures
each day I’m forgetting the condor’s flight
alive and dead ones gather together
the full ships are slicing time plates
on the geographical line
between yesterday and tomorrow

tears are dissolving
where the ocean is deeper
hurricanes and earthquakes are digging
a road of indifference
on the cranium bones

from my middle universe
umbilical threads spread in every direction
along with the wind
I have learned to go straight
moistening my forefinger

I can’t see trees anymore
within the thick forest where I breathe
my heartbeat is hunting
a wounded old deer
at sunrise or sunset

the world will be one day
too round

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