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House Painter for a White Heart

I had known a man
for whom women were like strings
a knot instead of head
a knot instead of belly
sometimes confused between one and the other
tightening the knots faster
unwinding them minutely
until the thread was soft and straight
passing it between his fingers
according to his mood
he was dyeing it with nail polish
or typographical ink

if it was raining or snowing
he wasn’t able to throw them away
wrapping them in recycling wax
putting fire over them
they were burning like vigil lamps in a salt mine
gray drops dripping from the ceiling
until the sky was clearing up

I have never met any man like that
boasting he can cry
every time he wished for

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from the corner of a single eye
a wrinkled teardrop falls down

teeth are shattered
biting from the last apple
at its core
puppy eyes are begging
in silence
near the snowbound fence

on a man’s back
in hunger for justice
grew a hump
carrying unconsciously
the knapsack filled with alms
for handouts
or requiem masses

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Reaching Out

A mask was walking beside me
I didn’t ask for her name
it was in March a century ago
snow was melting gloves were left at home
and anyway no one cared about masks
no one pitied their tears
no one was impressed by their smiles
That’s what I was thinking
that’s why I never wore masks

She was insisting that I give her shelter
hiding my face looking through her eyes
I didn’t listen to her proposal
following the road towards a crowded city square
There I walked round and round fresh fountains
smiling and crying
hoping that someone will notice me

It was so strange I was among talking masks
no one recognized me no one said hello
That old ragged mask must have been falling in the dust
somewhere behind me
I was alone


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