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The Lock

a phosphorescent barrier
a steel-plated door
a window with shut blinds
a black dog barking
a voice shouting no
another one not answering

after a long road
I stopped under a rain of knives
silence like an anesthetic
perfused in the marrow
left me so awake that I’m shivering
almost seeing my hair growing

I’m turning my head over my back
to feel the rain in my eyes
to stop this painless moment
the emptiness in my viscera
while others have their siesta
on this dead-end road

I grasp with my teeth
the rainbow arch
feeling how it breaks me
separated in the middle
between sky and earth

like a sensitive corpse
on a dissection table

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Impassive Forest Ballad

Some of the beautiful trees
after becoming accustomed
to winnow and cut the air
for quite some time
ended like lively official papers
of my ingratitude
(getting along in peace with winds
or other important relationships
they really stood firmly in their roots
as if to be noticeable)
accusing me with calm composure
that I forgot the present moment
and after all I’m afraid of my own breath
Was it all that just a saw moan?

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Wind Whispers

there’s a cold print inside me
a blunt ridge on a record
dust whirls around
rust grains flow in my blood
leaving the old iron works
unsold by their collectors

this song can be hardly heard
swept away by morning winds
when I wake up without wishes
feeling a taste of frozen lemon
sliced at once…
on the knife’s blade a deep stain remains

many things can’t be purchased
forgotten or interchanged
but they are aging
wasp nests gather between blinds
broken lines meet on the walls
colors blend becoming gray
neutral and indifferent

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