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when I fell in love I pressed my heels against the sky
as if in a bread oven
sitting with my forehead on the warm ground
and the wind and the butterflies and the clouds like smoke
were hard to be spoken they stuck inside my chest

without even knowing
I invented God in a new season of the year
believing it was the same
through days with sun and moon both white
because of heavy blessing it rained with sweet incense
clocks lagged behind from their minute hands
gooseberries and red currants popped between my nails
milk teeth grew in my virgin bosom
with the name sculpted by man lips

I slept another one’s dream in a stranger’s bed
he looked at me on Sundays through the train window
he saw through me
from our century of loneliness only dust flew over
like from an old Bible leaves

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Pedestrian Passage

I lived on the withered poplars street
my trembling ankylosed eyes
slipped over that thin man
carelessly balancing his dark blue bag
on his shoulder
with smaller and tight steps
I kept dragging behind the early hours
towards the green school gate
uniform control sobriety moment
portfolio under my arm
keeping one hand in a pocket

my joints were still stung
by that halting gesture
when I did not say hello to him
for it was early morning
too topsy-turvy and unconventional
or because of that yellow traffic light
on my back
driving me on the other side
of that lonely pavement

in the evening it snows weakly
between trees burning with spring fever
passing red sparkling lights
wild fruits crushed in the past
under dawn toes

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Half of This World

Without your fingers touch
the earth would have accepted
only half of my heel over it.

If your eyes were closing
only a half-circle was starry above
cutting obliquely my gaze.

Your lips sometimes too soft
abandoned so many words empty
and breathless between us.

While my faraway call for you
knocking on the unborn world door
was split into budding woods.

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Alas, Love, eighteen years have passed,
Since you have made him destined for my eyes,
Since you have caught me in your heavy chains,
Which even rough stones couldn’t break or sway.
Though I admit: their sweet burden of links
I would not yield to throw it in the seas.

Do not oppress my life’s purpose, you, Love,
I’ve learned your silence and your roads by heart,
Just be a solid pier, not a seashore storm,
And let me look while waiting towards sky.
Or if my eyes would search for his again,
Let us to meet in my world without sound.

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