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Me Alone

sitting naked thighs on clear ground
the sky that I knew had no place for rainbows
probably the world was so round then
that I spitefully clasped my fists
happy until sunset

in the evening I met a man with Siberian wolf teeth
I believed that he smiled because of me
I did not know why he spoke so roundish and simple words
like a fresh water spring
until I glided in his eyes by my hips’ border
it was so cold that I started to laugh because of anger
and it ached like hell that the moon almost touched the evening star

another day it was a damned purple sunset
my forehead throbbed because of pain like a church organ out of tune
I feared so much that I would become a naked dummy in a display window
with my lips smeared by innocent blood
that I opened my last window and my last dress button to the ground
my heart moved a little bit eastwards
then it started to beat again

since then I never sit on the ground
and in the evening I wear sunglasses
me alone

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by chance

beside the massacre of the innocents
at the command of any mighty one
any other meaning is lost
when all the elders wipe their glasses

how could the child have known
playing with his circle or having only one egg as dinner
among storybook leaves or in front of the old pews
how could the child have destroyed his sacred life
as if blowing a dandelion globe without any wish

otherwise only the road
straight as far as the plain allows
slanting as long as the mountain rises
road upon road as long as the earth endures
clear water over stones and only closed shells
that are obvious to the eye

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Slaked Lime

I powder myself in the mirror
dressed in Pierrot clothes
my skullcap over ears and eyes

it has been snowing so much
that I can’t choose between black and white
waiting for the spring
to embrace tightly a young birch
to take along with me the trees’ illness

I won’t mourn the yesterdays
like an embalmed mummy
in a hidden room
the sun will avoid my traces
a human still alive
in a leper’s rags

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I’m turning in a slow motion
a photographic film losing its color.
From my house bricks
it rains with memories,
spread like sea salt on the shore.

Colors gather between clouds
floating over trees,
white cherry flowers sway,
their shadow on grandma’s window.

The roof is covered with old snow
and lost letters ashes,
walls are whitewashed
with pale butterfly wings.

I’m shaking in silence my white hair,
it falls in the dust without footprints,
my arms, my head, my smile drop down,
washed away in the moonlight.

The last white morning stars
brought back into my life
yesterday’s light.

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Snow on the Grate

on a starless night
I released the darkened hemp
from the spinning wheel of dreams

I knit on a black thread onion bulbs
gold and red
day and night knot after knot
there is neither green light for tears
nor medicine leaf over eyelids

lately I learned that tears
are vultures’ tongues gulping
from within sewn wounds
until fresh blood oozes again
I dare to cry rarely
only when I chop onion with the same knife
that scratched my name when I was a child

Sundays became working days
I’m knitting eyes closed colored roots
for a harsh winter
the dust is falling from bells
over the snow I was afraid
to leave my footprints in

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