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I have learned the roads
raising myself into light.

I have learned the light
getting closer to the sky.

I have learned the sky
coming back to man.

I have learned man
asking about myself.

And all these until I returned
to the point from where I left.

Only then I breathed at ease
trying to understand what I had learned.

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the classroom is silent
windows dimmed their eyes
benches aligned near walls
heaps of school books weigh in the middle

I walk around and kneel
through floor crevices a caravan of ants
passes towards the mole
like nuns muttering their prayers
under father’s magnifying glass
in a slow and steady march
over fears worries dismay

looking at them I understood
tomorrow they will devastate
my philatelic collection
inside worn-out covers between stamps
favorite pastime

it’s forbidden to cry out
things are so tiny here
I must throw snowballs on the blackboard
that blinds me

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