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the book of the liar

ay-ay-ay-ay / May bugs fall from the sky my pale lady
this is the price for human wedding / this falling sound of many castanets
soon the first summer storm will be here over your head
the wind carrying gold pollen clouds against the female-trees

and you
you stick an extra stamp on your last letter
a musical score with many flat notes / a sad and repeated melody
a promise from a prenuptial contract
where the full moon is the only testimonial in your mirror’s frame

sooner or later it will be stolen by song hunters
because he lied to you following men’s art rules
he stretched the harp’s strings
he caressed it like the wind caresses dry milkweed every winter
or it could have been only your weeping / that of a peacock’s lady
too proud because of her love for the one with many eyes

it is the price for human love my lady
two spiders are wed in the corner of your bedroom
you raise your broom to kill your prison’s guards
but it’s too late

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Chain Reaction

Someone was dragging an iron ball behind his right foot. Someone else was looking at him measuring the length of his pace and the speed of his movements. Another one was combining the figures like a mathematician. Another one was explaining those numbers illogically. The last one was inventing new theories about all of them.
Somewhere else a trumpet was blowing.

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