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Me Alone

sitting naked thighs on clear ground
the sky that I knew had no place for rainbows
probably the world was so round then
that I spitefully clasped my fists
happy until sunset

in the evening I met a man with Siberian wolf teeth
I believed that he smiled because of me
I did not know why he spoke so roundish and simple words
like a fresh water spring
until I glided in his eyes by my hips’ border
it was so cold that I started to laugh because of anger
and it ached like hell that the moon almost touched the evening star

another day it was a damned purple sunset
my forehead throbbed because of pain like a church organ out of tune
I feared so much that I would become a naked dummy in a display window
with my lips smeared by innocent blood
that I opened my last window and my last dress button to the ground
my heart moved a little bit eastwards
then it started to beat again

since then I never sit on the ground
and in the evening I wear sunglasses
me alone

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The Wagon with Planks

the horse drawn wagon with a wooden heart
climbs slowly without border planks
the old man drives his horse at the walk
as if he were counting in his mind

each tree has a heart
young ones answer with a faint voice
the poll of the axe strikes to test them
sometimes a stronger echo from the other trees
it’s a sign the axe will strike deeper
right in the heart with scarce sap
and all wood poles will go down tied to the wagon
as long as dew shines in the fields

now there’s only one road left
slowly in the wagon with its planks raised up
the old man lies tied at his ankles
behind the wagon small spiders are jumping
tired of all that sunlight and dust
searching for shadows under planks
and red carnations will fall from children’s arms
as long as tears are in the eyes

from time to time the others’ echo
is answering stronger
like a single heart in a forest

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The Rails

I stopped wanting
and the rest is forgotten
my temples sweat when I must
wish for something
even the gravity law seems an obstacle
too big for my fall

I lost almost all my dreams
buried in old rubble
like a deflated ball of an orphan child
running after wild raspberries
until the storm was unleashed

probably in the depths
through the sewerage system
they are transmitting
the despair Morse code
the blood pulse unwillingly pumped
the dreams lost like too large bracelets
found again only in someone else’s yard
smelling like mud and rust

I want no more bitter or sweet taste
I’m swallowing like a paralytic
one mouth full of air at a time
without waking up or getting asleep

with my head stuck on the rails
I’m hearing
coming back from the mountains
a very slow train

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sunlight twinkles through the window
on pink and white hyacinths
she reads a fairy tale
colors tremble in the book

are butterflies going asleep mom
the child repeats looking aside
it doesn’t matter she answers quickly
too spoiled she thinks
he will forget until tomorrow
I want to know if butterflies die mom
she keeps silent crumpling the question
in her apron pocket
smelling like cinnamon and lemon

wind thrown leaves fill the balcony
yellow rusty brown
the child opens his hazy eyes
why butterflies never cry mom

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„And mom, stones were changing
into butterflies, learning how to fly.”
The child was smiling,
tears gathering in beehives
became only dewdrops.

This time I was walking along
like a shadow,
counting leaves into rivers,
returning whispers to silence,
haunted by brown and dry colors,
with my eyes moist like tender stars rising
in the summer evenings,
with my heartbeat unleashing
the cold springs waterfalls
from bygone days.

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