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the book of the liar

ay-ay-ay-ay / May bugs fall from the sky my pale lady
this is the price for human wedding / this falling sound of many castanets
soon the first summer storm will be here over your head
the wind carrying gold pollen clouds against the female-trees

and you
you stick an extra stamp on your last letter
a musical score with many flat notes / a sad and repeated melody
a promise from a prenuptial contract
where the full moon is the only testimonial in your mirror’s frame

sooner or later it will be stolen by song hunters
because he lied to you following men’s art rules
he stretched the harp’s strings
he caressed it like the wind caresses dry milkweed every winter
or it could have been only your weeping / that of a peacock’s lady
too proud because of her love for the one with many eyes

it is the price for human love my lady
two spiders are wed in the corner of your bedroom
you raise your broom to kill your prison’s guards
but it’s too late

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I never promised you a rose garden

i won’t forget the times when i made roundish letters
in blue-black ink
as if i were crushing blackberry beads
perfumed and wild
and in the eyes of that man by chance
it was always the same toulouse-lautrec painting
with my watery blue dress
like a cloud in an armchair the color of rose petals
frozen rotted in november
with his checkered hat thrown
accidentally over my raincoat
i wondered too much
why he squeezed the whole sun between his teeth
while laughing
i continued to write about the dreams
like white dead pigeons
my lord
with the heart shielded between wings

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Blazing White

It was snowing too insistently,
snowflakes almost as big as the eye,
over nostrils, over half-open lips,
over the white lace shawl from my grandmother,
exactly when I was not supposed to wear it.
I had the profile of a porcelain statue
like a Russian girl proud of her kokoshnik.

After a while I started to breathe now and then,
choked first while crying, then while sighing
and finally while hiccuping.
Maybe because of cold and bewilderment,
or because of the strange story about mulled wine with cinnamon.
How could he possibly hide in my blood then
when I had grown up with bitter cherries and wild sorrel leaves,
when I had sipped the milk foam my whole childhood
without crying on the blanket made of rough sheep wool?

How could that man travel through my heart’s mill stones
without being ground down completely?
Now only tears are sticking over nostrils, over half-open eyelids
like a glue from a sour cherry bark wound.
Not a single barrier, not a single one way sign,
not a single red traffic light
or at least a church with saint relics.

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Waving Goodbye

Walking the line
between sky and earth,
sand waves disappear
falling in the desert,
like a goodbye sign
from a distance
yet so near.

I’m wandering
under rain and shadows,
dioptral numbers grow
trying to decipher signs,
barren little stones
in a labyrinth
always round.

It is obvious I waited for you
until mountains and winds
understood to make peace
and we were reborn
in separate seas.

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Windy Night

I was expecting you to leave
she was repeating avidly
grinding words like coffee beans
popping between teeth
something fresh getting inside
like the wind through her open window
turning over the bed sheets
at a cold midnight hour

not a single tear in her eyes
like almonds with mascara perfume
her mouth’ corners were wet
her plait knitted in three shafts

above the withered poplar on the street
the moon’s horn was drifting to the right
the woman kept her pillow over her heart
only her soft voice was still heard
faraway how far will you leave
she was repeating again and again

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