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our lord does not ask for interest rates from poor people

after you put in a coin in order to get the wheeled basket at the supermarket
you buy shoe polish nail polish floor polish in order to make everything shine
you leave a few coins in the transparent charity box where there are only a few notes
and you offer your child some chocolate pennies wrapped in tinfoil

the man-child too plays with fire
he re-raises the bet for his electronic poker game
coins with two faces like Janus the god who became a dote like some elders do
or like the people who are said to have a double-faced brain after surgery

close to the graveyard’s gate the cortege stops and the widow throws coins
others too are throwing coins for the place in the hereafter world
in order to make them fall head or tails
or rarely perfectly on their edges if the ground is fair and even

someday someone will smash the piggy bank and will throw away all the old coins
into charmed wells for unconscious deep wishes
into the clear water that washes everything apart from sins

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The Pledge

my God why didn’t I stay
a child bound to earth
growing nests of potatoes
stirring polenta at sunset
the greedy city gates swallowed me
from head to toes
with the knapsack woven by my ancestors
for such a long time
I wandered in resoled shoes
year after year at Annunciation
in my jacket sewn with white yarn
on its lining

shop dummies were smiling at night
with a starry air
under colored neon lights like candy
with powdered glossy wigs
like carnival cotton sugar
changing clothes and heads every season

one day I picked five bucks in the street
no one was near apart from the wind
slamming the flower kiosk at the corner
another day I found five bucks in my balcony
I crossed myself with my right hand
because I couldn’t find the owner
it was a sunny Sunday

in the pantry stuffed with old insomnia
I took a walk around the mountain of salt
from all my ancient tears
searching for wisdom
sticking my sweaty front towards North
knocking as if it were the Wailing Wall
while men were breaking down as usual
champagne filled glasses
acrobatic pyramids
card castles with the ace of spades for foundation

they light fireworks once a month in this city
I’m keeping in my palm a three grams gold heart
hanging on a thin thread
which I will never pawn

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The Game Stake

Birds of prey gather round my navel,
their sharp beaks push upwards between ribs.
I’m like a sparrow with torn wings:
a kite seized my heart and threw it away.
Neighbors’ children cry out
names of the games from my infancy –
head or tails –
my heart swirls like a spintop,
it can’t stay still recto or verso.

I remember how it was in the beginning:
stretching thin paper over the coin,
rubbing colored crayons onto it,
until the head appeared,
taking copper pieces, moistening them with spit,
sticking them to my forehead,
placing a coin on my notebook,
drawing circles around it,
rolling coins like wheels until they spun down…
raising small towers until they collapsed.
All these games cost less than a dime.

My chest is cold,
a round stethoscope presses over my heart,
beneath it a wing struggles to fly –
head or tails –
I wonder what’s the price this time.


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