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Quenched Fire

I locked my bedroom door
hiding like a wounded dog
without cleansing my injuries
there’s a blue hole in my belly
the color of dreams stronger than life

my unborn children strike my temple bones
stepping over my heart going down
along with my wishes
rough sand grinding in my stomach

I’m a woman with thousands of arms
rotating over head like a sword dance
one day they will fall over top
thorns will spring out from the bed
where I’m freezing

Jesus has a heart in flames above me
in another icon His Mother holds in her hands
a flower shaped heart
if I look closely I can see
that clouds are small angels
snowing over the blue hollow

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Rain Child

It’s warm in September
and the air is rancid,
after so many days of drought
hot clouds roll in the sky’s marrow

Tiredness bites the tendons,
I’m hardly running,
a butterfly rests on my front wrinkles
and there are still cobwebs
amongst the vines
vibrating before being torn
with a shard of smile

In the red eye corner
I’m painting a teardrop
so I can cry beneath the mask.
I put on my gray raincoat,
tightening the laces,
gusts of wind cut my arms
with a young forest hum,
they weigh rootless on my chest,
the air whimpers like a baby
and it starts raining

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All Infants Have Blue Eyes

you are crying mother
your tears are like clay
soft and sticky
you are bending down milking clouds
too heavy because of rain
you prop up the sun upon the blue sky

your warm chest is a full bucket
the child presses his soles
on your breast’s handle
his hands are kneading your round shoulders
you are the burnt brick wall in the front room

soon you will reach the girder
the baby sticking to your cracked skin
will cry out for the first time mother
he will fall down from your arms
snowdrops will raise their heads at your feet
snowy bells will announce
another spring

the earth’s flowers cling to you
your smile opens once again for your son
amid thorns

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Right in the Middle

For three thousands years I’m waiting mother
to get out from the night to hear stars blood
gurgling on the neck of old uncorked pitchers
I never cut the throat of a black young rooster
I never fed on tender wheat ears milk
my feet are maimed by splinters
from a withered oak stump
stones were breaking when I jabbed the axe into it

I’m pregnant with twin teardrops mother
I have swallowed the handkerchief
at my father’s funeral
I must deliver and be born
someone has to cut this Gordian knot
with a hot knife
washed in white lye

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