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the hours on a straight road
are measured in shadows
a spindle spins the time
two steps forward one step behind

either winter or summer
I believed I was in love
stranger to others and to myself
a storm torch was slurping my eyes
smooth like soft boiled eggs
I was lighting vigil candles in a cave

the passage seasons were short
night tunnels covered a train of dreams
digging a minute of oblivion

for a while three bells tolled at once
my arms couldn’t reach my back spine
to stop the earthquake
my heart fell on my ankle
like a canon ball in a gaolbird chain
no matter how I try to lie
I just can’t fly to the moon

memories are propped with songs
which no one sings along
in triple time beat
I chose to walk the shortest road
known by everyone
except for endings

I believed I was in love
a broken credo is a cornerstone
for another church


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The World Within

Crickets are now silent.
The wind breaks down
too high and frail grass blades.
Even the brook got tired
knocking on boulders.

Everything that was once a song
is now a statue,
water’s useless rumble
hinders the invasion of other sound studs.

My thoughts grow in waves
and freeze into stones,
holding and understanding
the entire world.

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Chamber Orchestra

Clear sky in the afternoon
pressing over the attic’s gaze…
My steps gliding on a balustrade
edging channels in a Venice of feelings.
A cello concerto moments
vibrate like a handkerchief falling in dust:
smooth, delicate, crystal sugar on old walls.
My thoughts are assembling tightly in my body,
soles following the road like a stethoscope,
music coming to life
among house vine nerves.

From the main street I was lost
through ogival porches,
the keys were hidden in leaves whispers
unveiling velvet hours, rose shadows,
people sculpting melodious pathways
in their carefully polished chairs.

Most of all these
October light hit softly
deep in my eyes.

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Skyward Fiddler

a procession passes round the town cathedral
the wind rends the Death bas-relief
near the astrological entrance clock
like a wrested tiger claw

the green violin’s bow skips over strings
only a sad and stony Madonna smile
glides through the barbed wire
of blue stained glass

the cemetery chapel is always silent
one can hear stone wings breaking
heavy fir branches freeze above tombs
the sun sets on fire the snowfield
stretched out without traces

in an endless white Sunday
young trees are learning to rest
women have beads of sweat on their front
men cry staring at the sky
time is measured in candles
from stalactite to stalagmite
baptized wed
and departed

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