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A Poet’s Shadow

Coming out from the wall’s core,
where there is no window,
you can hear knotted strings
playing a soft cantilena,
lulling to sleep all past phantoms
coming alive in the shade.

The poet’s eyes are freezing them,
carving everything in stone.

My heart has found a revolving door
towards the old attic
where the moon keeps turning around
like an old gramophone.
Always the same tune.

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I began to dig inside words
tunnels for the siege of a crystal fortress
raised unexpectedly
right in the middle of poppy fields
where children pick up flowers
slowly learning how they fade

I scrape in silence bending forward
tomorrow’s earth compresses me
heavy mounds cover dry roots
nails with purple blood berries
scratch in depths a secret map
many bridges I can’t locate
between mankind and sky

my heart throbs on a desert street
trying to hide from its old fears
I will bite further from a frozen silence
once filling up the fountain
of rejuvenation

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The Suitcase

I went to sea with an iron suitcase
locked with a cipher on the last day ashore
I kept in it an apple a newspaper a pretzel
it was so heavy on my left shoulder
I was carrying a leather bag in my right hand
stuffed with clothes for twenty years

when waters raised over portholes
I opened the heavy suitcase nibbling my pretzel
making small ships from newspaper pages
I was wearing a white dress from my youth
admiring the brightly shining red apple
but they repaired our vessel

when the second accident occurred
I tore to pieces the whole newspaper
reading it leaf after leaf
I had grey hair wearing a dark black dress

in the end only the apple was left there
from time to time I checked its color still fresh
feeling a deep sting in my left shoulder
I couldn’t bear anymore the iron suitcase
dressed now in a pink gown like peach blossoms
I was not hungry I didn’t want to throw away the fruit
my heart opposed to give it away

I placed it again in that suitcase
calling a child from the deck
asking him to lock it without telling me the cipher
then I threw it in the depths

at night a stifled fire was burning
under my eyelids and my temples
I looked once more at the stars
falling asleep much easier than before


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Magnetic North

stemming from their roots
senses are tangential to reality
the surface tension force
draws towards the center
the Earth like a strange dew drop
clogging up the living blood

at night I’m dreaming abyssal creatures
each day I’m forgetting the condor’s flight
alive and dead ones gather together
the full ships are slicing time plates
on the geographical line
between yesterday and tomorrow

tears are dissolving
where the ocean is deeper
hurricanes and earthquakes are digging
a road of indifference
on the cranium bones

from my middle universe
umbilical threads spread in every direction
along with the wind
I have learned to go straight
moistening my forefinger

I can’t see trees anymore
within the thick forest where I breathe
my heartbeat is hunting
a wounded old deer
at sunrise or sunset

the world will be one day
too round

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I woke up one morning
with one mouse eye and one owl eye
racing endlessly on a plain
among eroded mountains of feelings
stepping over my shadow

I was wandering on a straight motorway
keeping in my palm a wrecked compass
measuring heart’s fluttering
rear-view mirrors were steamed up
wheels were crushing rusty butterflies
squeaking under car breaks

the winds gathered everything
between the same cardinal points
exhausted swallows are sleeping on vanes
hunter and prey forgot one another
the mouse is biting from the stuffed owl’s eye
barren seeds are sinking in the soil

I’ve been loving trees for much too long
until I understood to forget
the way they are losing their leaves year after year
I’m looking upwards counting mushrooms
growing on trunks
sighing through the soles of my lacquered shoes
cobwebs growing in my hair
first rimes clutching it
like a newborn’s cramped fingers

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