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the discreet peace of a late summer

it is a wonderful day that looks me straight in the eyes/ the cleanest moment when the sky of deep blue is leaning on the shoulders of the earth/ and the grass hardly grows as if from an ocean with its tips slowly swaying

it is easy to tie with the knot of your scarf two skies or two earths/ the scythe of bygone times seemingly bites from the future/ human beings are bits of sunshine because the thing that births them also kills them/ somewhere upon the sky of their soul

some of them cry without tears like the sad lunatics
those who never cried in vain
those who drop their teardrop as if from a wound in order to protect the life of lives about to come
with their faces gentle and sunken like leaves falling still tender
half-dead half-alive

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song for the bewitched pumpkin

it was a beautiful story about little girls big as acorns reading other stories
sitting upon bewitched little mushrooms
with hot milk with honey inside amber cups before bedtime

I sat with my ear on forest soil
searching for the tree of trees
the giant from the fairy tale
his words stilled the whole breathing
didn’t you know that trees speak louder than the wind?

stay calm hard-boiled apple sun of a bastard goldfinch mouthwatering gingerbread
today I need to draw a rainbow like a hammock for all the dreaming in the world
like children do before ever seeing one
I miss the forbidden fortress that grows for centuries within ourselves
I cried and I believe that my teardrop is the stem of sunrise
let it be for offerings and sinlessness

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what can I say revered audience
form the underground of two millennia
life is beautiful my esteemed contemporaries
from the Moon to the Sun it is a long time
life is so beautiful and has such deep eyes
regardless of their color
it cries torrential tears and it fights like a sea
that is forced to go back in front of the seawall
it is beautiful and it never jokes about the lost paradise

and there is nothing shameful to confess
because us those from the rear battalion we need air
neither too much nor too little
we nibble from every plate at the table of silence
only for pleasing our taste
and gossip tells that we are endangered species
in your world where every little thing is upside down for us
a world so logical that we can see the artificial light blooming
between me and your Highnesses
between me and the stock of the rifle or the noose from the barn
or the rat poison
between masters and slaves

we tithe those who foretell reading the sky’s map
we dream tales about the laborers working in the fields
we dream stories about tired lunatics reaping the tall wheat
within themselves

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Amid odds and ends the grass is green

If you want to watch again some camcorder pics and old pics from the village of my grandparents, flourishing in my childhood, deserted and ruined in 2009-2011 when I wentr there. Who knows where the time goes? Some new families moved there in the past years. i warn you: it is too long and I have other better pictures, but on the hard disk of my computer that broke…these ones were on facebook, some are duplicated.

once upon a time

and this is the youtube videoclip/ slideshow:

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first snowfall

as if I hid my hands
with gnarled fingers
under my grandma’s mohair shawl
the same winter after winter on her shoulders

and my finger bones don’t stay wise
like cuckoo offspring in a deserted nest
they tremble starving
to pick again that rose so perfidiously red
climbing the house pillar

I order them to stay straight
as far as for me there is a cross
or a point
and then another line

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