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Windy Night

I was expecting you to leave
she was repeating avidly
grinding words like coffee beans
popping between teeth
something fresh getting inside
like the wind through her open window
turning over the bed sheets
at a cold midnight hour

not a single tear in her eyes
like almonds with mascara perfume
her mouth’ corners were wet
her plait knitted in three shafts

above the withered poplar on the street
the moon’s horn was drifting to the right
the woman kept her pillow over her heart
only her soft voice was still heard
faraway how far will you leave
she was repeating again and again

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Dry Migraines

I feel cupping glasses
sticking on my front
wet leaves striking the windows
pain squeezing my heart
as if it were a wine press
eyes are burning with dry fever

loneliness is bitter-sour
I stretch my hand towards the moon
see her floating between clouds
like a green nut in jelly
my fingers sweat cold

the wind is crowding in wagons
vagabond dogs bark
pneumatic hammers forging
neighbor’s quarrels
night darkness and lights

amidst car sirens
a seagull passes
like a soft balm
over city tides

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Golden Ice Packs

Only loneliness knocks on my door.
I can see every night the same window
lit in the neighborhood.

Like warm vapors steaming up,
the light spreads skywards
through its living orbit
out of sight.
Stepping over the sill’s neck,
the sun has fallen in empty spaces
behind the eyelids.
Colors are swept in the iris
approaching the same wall

My palm sticks on air
like a geyser cornea under fog.
Reaching out it looks like
I’m not alone.

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Alternate Pictures

clear sky at noon
too much light around
unequal beats from dawn and sunset
towards North

in the compartment a stiff suitcase
pushed in a corner like a safety belt
her wristwatch shining every five minutes
the windowsill pressing her temple
unspoken thoughts floating

raising her head
a murky sky was oozing inside
deepening horizons
her eyes were avoiding themselves
sparkling reflections on the glass
more and more pale flocks of birds
clock needles in her pupils
entering the tunnel at dusk

she looks in the mirror
maybe unwillingly
light drips like lukewarm tea
melting slowly and softly
her eyelashes are disjointed flights
losing their direction
other eyes break others’ eyes shell
new street lamps light in the same station

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