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The train whines on its rails,
cornflowers wither
in a deserted small station.
Someone has built a road nearby
twining like vines
between walnuts and hazels.

The travelers rest in the shade,
cyclists fall asleep on handlebars,
horse-drawn wagons loiter in dust,
old songs are hummed once again
near the freshly plowed stubble field.

The road expends its transitory prints
slowly and painstakingly
in this age of velocities
aiming different directions.

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Snow on the Grate

on a starless night
I released the darkened hemp
from the spinning wheel of dreams

I knit on a black thread onion bulbs
gold and red
day and night knot after knot
there is neither green light for tears
nor medicine leaf over eyelids

lately I learned that tears
are vultures’ tongues gulping
from within sewn wounds
until fresh blood oozes again
I dare to cry rarely
only when I chop onion with the same knife
that scratched my name when I was a child

Sundays became working days
I’m knitting eyes closed colored roots
for a harsh winter
the dust is falling from bells
over the snow I was afraid
to leave my footprints in

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Perpetuum Mobile

A smell of burnt nails
spreads at the farrier workshop,
horse’s tail swirls
trying to get rid of gadflies.
The man brought him here,
tightened the rope
and bellows are now panting
heating a purple fire.

The horse would cry if he had tears
in this perpetual torture
with his guilt measured
by the size of his hoofs.
Still he stays tied to that pillar
while sledgehammers hit rhythmically
as on a church bell board.
Then he recovers to be harnessed
dragging the wagon
far from the green pasture
where he was biting the grass
in full moon light.

Now the road is sloping,
his body aches
wrapped in the scent of yellow hay.
Everything rests the same –
men, horse whips, stables and night’s Pegasus.

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from the corner of a single eye
a wrinkled teardrop falls down

teeth are shattered
biting from the last apple
at its core
puppy eyes are begging
in silence
near the snowbound fence

on a man’s back
in hunger for justice
grew a hump
carrying unconsciously
the knapsack filled with alms
for handouts
or requiem masses

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Hay Gathering

The earth breathes gently
tired like hands knotting
a straw hat laces,
sunset light gathers on the ground,
hot vapors raise from the grass.

The old worker is resting,
cart’s axle has deep wrinkles.
Looking straight into the sun,
a barefoot child runs on a narrow path,
staircase to the world’s attic.

People descend slowly towards home.
Life is a loaded wagon
settled in heavy haystacks
still green inside.

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