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we were gathering on the narrow bench
near the plank table
a polenta wheel was steaming golden
under the forty watt bulb lamp
grandma was untying her headkerchief
grandpa was slicing the onions in the middle
their yellowish core was for me

now there’s only yellow in my eyes
the sun rolling over round haystacks
the home made panettone color
dandelions blooming and burning on Easter
my loved ones’ faces shivering on hot days
close to their last gate

my God why did You left so much gold in my hands
the osier leaves climb down yellow
on abandoned pathways
I’m exhausted like trees
I shall dream on these days
within a white butterfly sleep

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Snow on the Grate

on a starless night
I released the darkened hemp
from the spinning wheel of dreams

I knit on a black thread onion bulbs
gold and red
day and night knot after knot
there is neither green light for tears
nor medicine leaf over eyelids

lately I learned that tears
are vultures’ tongues gulping
from within sewn wounds
until fresh blood oozes again
I dare to cry rarely
only when I chop onion with the same knife
that scratched my name when I was a child

Sundays became working days
I’m knitting eyes closed colored roots
for a harsh winter
the dust is falling from bells
over the snow I was afraid
to leave my footprints in

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