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it was an ordinary night I was thinking about the difference between
spirit and matter about the interstellar clouds about the fact
that water cannot exist without fire or fire without water
about the crystalline structure of the rocks and the interstices in my kidneys
the pain glided on my back spine I thought that I was fortunate
to be still a sparkle on the windswept corridor
in a world bluntly beautiful where the spring comes
with its sweet and sour taste of wax cherries orchard

I have a perfectly round wound in the palm of my left hand
just wide enough for the sun to fit inside
and if I clasp my fist it starts to rain

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works and nights

i count the pills for stomach the pills for heart and sleep
at dusk hour when life grows like a flower with unreachable nectar
and butterflies are not invented yet
i would like to cure my world of uncertainty with pills
and water for the supermarket in bottles upon which it is written
foraged at great depths

maybe trembling leaves will gather together
like a beautiful girl crisscrossing her arms over her breast
it is cold my young lady with white peach cheeks
do pour yourself another amber tea from a Russian train’s samovar
please try to be a little younger
at least until the day when you will lack today’s pain
you can see this world it’s just an adagio
people stay the same even after volcanoes disappear

another winter when potatoes sprout in the kitchen’s corner
another holiday when everything is dazzling and alive like a lighthouse
deep in the night

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Because of too Much Love

I am the prodigal son’s mother
I kept the baby swaddled too tightly until he was gone
in the world of temptations
to straighten his knees

I gave the wind my flesh to bite it forty years
in the desert with the rough sack dress over the empty belly
I washed the feet of sacred statues with oil from olive tree nipples
I gave to the rain the color of tears still yelling after my baby
from the mouth of a cavern open in the storm
I learned the barren law
of the damned souls’ forest

like a sunflower I raised myself at sunrise
going round until the night left me bent to the earth
with my heart black and heavy with my son
who didn’t return
because of my great love

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tell me what can be found before pain
an upside-down cross between heart liver and stomach
what lies downwards swells like biscuit in milk
and what lies above screams
like Saint Peter would have screamed
upturned cross at the foundation of the church

tell me what survives longer between the four cardinal points
made of living flesh and bluish blood
before pain it is peace and after pain silence
or maybe the opposite
before pain it is the word and after pain only the shadow
motionless unmovable powerless like a flag at half-mast
like sacred banners on the road to the graveyard

let it be yours bighearted man
the rice grain in which I sculpted
a white monastery

(4 august 2014)

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Intimate Circle

I forgot where I hid
the peach color morning gown
moth-eaten in its pockets
only a child I didn’t know
that clothes are still dust
even when they are stainless

the little toe of my right foot
breaks out through a hole in the sock
it doesn’t matter
if it is alone and frozen
if it is scratching the floor with its nail
finally the centipedes
are gathering the remains
climbing on the ceiling
in a protean urge
they all fall down

it smells badly like naphthalene
and rancid coffee
I’m stirring slowly with the teaspoon
with my little finger in extension
writing the letter „O”

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