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I fell asleep on the narrow bench,
a scent of rotten wood surrounds me
like a placenta,
sunlight descends through window bars
directly in my dream
where sledges vanish afar.

The compact ball of my body
wraps up the past
like Ariadne’s thread.
I roll over,
lost in time traveler,
the compass rose points
to the North of music,
ocean herbs vibrate in the depths.

One song ends slowly
in the leaves melted by light,
seconds are tuned once again,
fresh inside vegetal hourglasses.

And I must awake like a child
among tender blades of grass.

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Through the dragon’s scale
my blood thrusts roughly
like a spring source
inside a rock’s heart
uncovered by memory spears

Yet under morning stars light
in that beast iridescent eyes
a rainbow is crying

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A Teardrop Story

thoughts are like sediments
on memory backbone near vertebra joints
where winds roughen their play
with clouds floating in children’s eyes

today’s teardrop pushes forward
a clog rolled inside blood
an answer to the ocean’s call

tides are getting nearer
ship bells break the silence
of long distance passengers

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The Other Shore

Wanderer in this world
me too I came back to this river
in need to build a bridge
from my past tenses
over his rummaged time

The small footbridge
was waiting for my steps
now only dust flows down
from the days where the river
was rolling on and turning
his big clock tower keys
heavy amid free storms
stirring murky waters

I’m crying in silence rough tears
mourning his lost seconds
wishing to trade my body for a ferry
gliding on cable chains
unlocking forever
the other shore’s road


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