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I lay on the narrow bed
with my mouth open
a mosquito bites my tongue
just when I was dreaming to speak

something about the last war
or the long lasting peace without borders
pointing with the machine-gun
to the insect fallen in a moon’s crater

I wake up with bloody lips
because of too much silence
and words lost on the front
without question marks
like apples of Discord sliced with the axe
like a black box of a guillotined pilot

thrusting deep the champagne cork
to avoid an explosion
I drink only sweet water from a spring
consecrated at day break

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I’m turning in a slow motion
a photographic film losing its color.
From my house bricks
it rains with memories,
spread like sea salt on the shore.

Colors gather between clouds
floating over trees,
white cherry flowers sway,
their shadow on grandma’s window.

The roof is covered with old snow
and lost letters ashes,
walls are whitewashed
with pale butterfly wings.

I’m shaking in silence my white hair,
it falls in the dust without footprints,
my arms, my head, my smile drop down,
washed away in the moonlight.

The last white morning stars
brought back into my life
yesterday’s light.

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„All art is a revolt against man’s fate”

(André Malraux)

In a military wardrobe
a peaceful blue tapestry was hanging
facing the Commander in Chief’s portrait.
Seashore, ripples, raindrops, white clouds.
Two men sat there talking
about girls, cars, dogs and food.
Will there be a war again?
Today I’m just dreaming my life away
sitting for a while in the waiting room,
fighting, forgetting, forgiving, forsaking

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Wild Horses Race

I’m asking you, man.
When you have tamed the knight
to skip the chess table’s squares,
were you thinking
only about snowless wars ?

Between white and black,
striking each other,
including their bishops,
you have decided to banish
all gray shades.

Your horse knelt in his harness
with his sousing curb bit
in that fierce battle
where chivalry clatters and bugles
were singing the last confession for many.

But at a far distance, on unknown pathways,
wild horses were racing like storms,
warming with their hearts
the grasses, the clear blue sky
and the vultures’ flight.

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