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When I was little
I sculpted in chalk a girl’s body
on the blackboard children were writing
perfect mathematical equations
I hid my doll in my pocket
playing hopscotch
over the shadow of a thin birch

Snowstorms covered school windows
old silvery branches bowed again
white lines were swept away
my small statue stayed the same
sustaining on a book shelf
some yellow tinged photographs

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The Main Road

the oaks are growing on the main street
for more than twenty years
notably in the beginning
each one of them weak at his root
was replaced

other children were born
they also became parents
people began to forget
some other earthquake
some other falling star
the street cars amount
the bygone tram shape
marked even today with the same number

the oaks grew too slowly
sunlight still burns on the pavement

God only knows
why a lone birch
remained without its crown
in my backyard
leaves are falling heavy
like a dying old man’s tears
in his last cup with water

the oaks still on their feet
are growing without hurry
maybe beyond walls
beyond the times when housewives
will still be dusting off
over the main street

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