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if someone spits dirt upon me
my lips become chapped
like grandma’s apples baked on the stove
I cannot act as if nothing happens when I’m hurt
or as if I am the caravan going on in spite of the barking dogs
because I am alone and unique and vulnerable
though I am not beautiful like the moon
the way some women were in the Arabian Nights

I am still calm and meticulous with a quiet ticking
and I believe that I am more like the mole underground
than like the lady-vulture up in the sky
and no woman will act to imitate me thanks God
especially if she had danced at her wedding to be blessed
like Rachel Sarah and Rebecca
and no man will look through my eyes or borrow my ideas
if he collects stamps and engravings
because in my brain all roads cut short and straight

too many people are born through C-section
but are the other births really clean and pure?
when in fact only fire is clean and cleanses
and things are truly separated from one another
as for the rest only mishmashes everywhere
father son holy ghost

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The book of the prodigal son’s daughter

and even after we go to meet our maker there’s an alley separating us
apparently in two rows of angels and saints
some with their head towards sunrise
the others towards sunset

it’s snowing
i dream of a world with less tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye
a world with bread for a bread and flower for a flower
with that cup of water my father asked for before dying
my old man who drank only beer or vodka or synthetic juices
until it stroke him through his head and heart
i did not come to your grave to thank you
the one who asked me for forgiveness five days before you passed away
the one who broke then in your fist that small porcelain doll
i was afraid off when i was a child
and you knew
i inherited your poverty but not your sins
do you remember when we used to play dice and canasta
we both had blind luck
and someone was shamelessly cheating

yesterday’s snow settled down over all graves
over all vows
in a land without prophets like any other land
only the wind breaks spells skimming father’s bible
that one with a mahogany leather cover
it does not matter in which direction lies your head dad
may your memory be forgiven

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the prayer of the heart

i pick up the phone to talk for free on Sundays/ on the other end of the line there are no other words/ i skim through my phone numbers agenda/ people i forgot about because they did not want me/ my love for the farther and departed ones/ the biblical kin queuing at the same feast/ sharing and multiplying home bread and onions/ and the man paid to soak the sponge in vinegar

it’s a very quiet day it rains as if in empty honeycombs
people come back from the white church with low spires
sharing their umbrellas

i stick my fingertips to the soil from the pot with a green plant/ i disconnect myself/ i discharge my electricity/ i try to fix the soles of my feet on the floor/ to equilibrate my soul between the two lungs/ this is an exercise without mantras feng shui or ikebana

only a sunflower stays close to the wall like virgin mary in her prayers

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Some haiga

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modus vivendi

and now comes that moment when a hand
draws the curtains over the sunset
like it is customary
when the last page from a good novel locks
inside the gardener’s daughter head another garden
as big as all the other wonders of this worlds

my body rolls amid old pillows
I rotate within the squared dial of my room
I am content that I’m not weightless
that I have a living shape and my heels nailed to the floor
and I stretch myself
with one leg shorter than the other
like the mistress of the sun king and churchill and other figures
in a procrustian world in all its joints

there will be another day when the undertakers will take
from my bed sheet a drop of saint imprint alike christ’s

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