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Cactus Thorns

trains are running
between me and others
without any halt allowed
ghost ships are sailing
in a tall cactus desert

a gaolbird’s chains
get rusty in my palm
right before sunset I’m like an old brick
slowly eroded

I get out from my house onto the main road
I stand up
near the watchmaker’s shop
still undemolished
crying without a handkerchief
out of fashion accessory
hardly breathing in my corset
made of unanswered questions

could this be November
or March?

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rolling head over heels
until I didn’t stop against the wall
I said just enough „no
for fitting in a moth eye
attracted by a blind lamp

why” doesn’t matter anymore
so many question marks turn into points
between retina and brain
the road is too short

I traced only straight lines
from now on I will erase the asymptotes
like annelids
without articulations

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From corner to corner
a light trembles in the heart’s chambers.
Do I really know if the world
is on the back or in front of the mirror?
The truth is burning in moonlight
lighting a deserted hearth.

It snows with white pages and white cinders,
cherry petals.
The poet covered his dream in thousands of eyelids.
Me… I’m just looking through the eyes
of a torn wings bird.

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