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it had been a chessboard
and nothing else
from plain cardboard and perfect squares
it stood upon the bookcase in the living room
after the old man died
no one knew where else it was

only the little girl writing neverending stories
would eventually

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I woke up in the morning in a deserted house
winds blew drifting in spirals
white sheets white curtains
my arms cut obliquely their way
amid a bustle of things
stepping firmly over shards
tables beds clocks without springs
doors windows squeaking on floors
walls dissolving in fog
dust storms covering my frightened eyes

tormented heartbeats invaded me
forgotten words rainfall
quenched desert’s thirst
with its bitter roots towards sky

I was searching steadily
something given to me a long time ago
to settle again my dream’s foundation
deep under eyelids

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Words were speeding up while she spoke.
– That’s exactly what happened
I was wearing light mauve shoes
hardly found on the black market
but even those were slipping on asphalt
my stockings were almost pink
a gift from grandma’s sister
she enjoyed seeing me wearing pink
and him… he bowed accidentally near my chair
that chair had no back
I was sitting in my stiff blue jeans skirt
too tight on my waist
and he passed his fingers through his hair
I was wondering why he gazed into nowhere
or into my eyes
walls were thin and I heard an unknown melody
I never met the neighbors there
and him… he calmed down the dog
a little dog was barking furiously
and he was smiling
– What are you saying girl?!

That’s exactly what happened
we were talking about happiness
draperies were drawn
and the light had a tinge of pink.

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the classroom is silent
windows dimmed their eyes
benches aligned near walls
heaps of school books weigh in the middle

I walk around and kneel
through floor crevices a caravan of ants
passes towards the mole
like nuns muttering their prayers
under father’s magnifying glass
in a slow and steady march
over fears worries dismay

looking at them I understood
tomorrow they will devastate
my philatelic collection
inside worn-out covers between stamps
favorite pastime

it’s forbidden to cry out
things are so tiny here
I must throw snowballs on the blackboard
that blinds me

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there is no room left
between my belly knot and sacrum’s saw
thick leafy trees have grown from bone marrow
their shadows blend on walls
enclosed between yesterday and tomorrow

I have started to walk stumbling
like an infant step after step
crushing carpet flowers into dewdrops
the forest inside me dins in reproach

nights are a sweet glue
pouring from an old cherry bark
trapping restless ants
days evaporate like naphthalene
white butterflies are also guilty
they chose to die too soon

I just have to be patient
a thread cut with front teeth
hardly passes through a needle

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