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Another Boundary

the old men left
the young hearts boundaries
stones broke out from their roots
like a dry bread split on the knees

the dough didn’t raise anymore
under the hand stitched towel
brick dust is sifted slowly
on a spider’s nest
in the bread oven’s window

next winter will pass quickly
everything will freeze under cold chimneys
like in a dry ant mole
cut with a scythe

only in March when the earth
will germinate its fangs
the house vineyard will cry
with cold sweat in each new shoot

at Easter all great grandchildren
barely having learned to walk
will step over dandelion flowers
burning in the yard
lightly and without traces

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I fell asleep on the narrow bench,
a scent of rotten wood surrounds me
like a placenta,
sunlight descends through window bars
directly in my dream
where sledges vanish afar.

The compact ball of my body
wraps up the past
like Ariadne’s thread.
I roll over,
lost in time traveler,
the compass rose points
to the North of music,
ocean herbs vibrate in the depths.

One song ends slowly
in the leaves melted by light,
seconds are tuned once again,
fresh inside vegetal hourglasses.

And I must awake like a child
among tender blades of grass.

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Pathway Between Vines

The wind has bowed down the vine props
grapevines are getting wild
an old man climbs the steep pathway
carrying the sun on his shoulders

Sweet pea still grows nearby
light colored grapes fall one by one
inside the round basket
darkened throughout the years

A child with chicory eyes
leans slouching on the hill’s top
looking down he keeps silent
while the old man climbs further

Suddenly the child
becomes a steamroller
letting himself tumble on the pathway
keeping his arms crossed on his chest
among wild vines

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Barbed Wire

the trees threw away their load
from ground to peak
stepping with their roots
upon freedom

in the town where you left me
fences are coated in ice
I began to tremble
from outskirts towards center
my fingers clutching the wire
my smile electrocuted by tears
leaves slipping under my soles
like mummified love letters

I will eat many seeds this winter
until my buds will get tough
until branches will grow intertwined
up to my willow’s hollow
bowing over the fence

someday I shall pass on the other side
following our footprints
feeding doves from my hands
with fresh wheat germs

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I remember that storks left that place
and their nests didn’t turn green.

Walking in the moonlit field
I forgot were was the stream with ruby fish,
somewhere close to the juicy meadow,
after a while brickmakers came there
to dig the riverbed
then glassy sands swallowed the sun
like hungry white bones.

Time stood still
in a dry willow log
rolling on my way,
only stones remained in their roots.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the church,
I’ll place my palm in the bell’s shadow,
maybe it will toll for noon.

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