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Vagrant Song

I bear too many tears brother angel
I’m shivering like a lilac in bloom
under rain
it smells like sea salt and blood
all your teardrops lie in my eyes
they were not cried in times of peace or war

I haven’t laughed in the desert
I haven’t smiled like a street vendor
my heart’s corner whimpers
an infant without milk from its wet nurse

brother angel you are bitter and half-brother for me
Job gathered his strength from his weak bones
he knelt completely
he cried out

I was a child I was crying myself
within your eyes
I was younger the waters stood still
today I step over the sand castle’s shadow
dragging my pile of bones in chains
on my knees
I’m crying with foreign tears
take pity on me take them away

and if it will be so
I shall come back to you
from the land of faraway promises

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Just Another Vision

(another dream of Joan of Arc)

It is for you that I reached out
a thin thread of sweet pea
under a tall fir

because everything has its purpose
you hastened to sniff me
stealing the dew from flowers’ grapes

a beast over my blood
in times of prayers and fasting

rows of warriors bent their knees
crossing their javelins upon bucklers
you wandering crusader
with entangled beard
cut my long locks
tied me to the pillar
until I became icon
my relics locked in gold

I watch you from an empty coffin
a man with a raisin heart
starving louse
for centuries

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Right in the Middle

For three thousands years I’m waiting mother
to get out from the night to hear stars blood
gurgling on the neck of old uncorked pitchers
I never cut the throat of a black young rooster
I never fed on tender wheat ears milk
my feet are maimed by splinters
from a withered oak stump
stones were breaking when I jabbed the axe into it

I’m pregnant with twin teardrops mother
I have swallowed the handkerchief
at my father’s funeral
I must deliver and be born
someone has to cut this Gordian knot
with a hot knife
washed in white lye

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the classroom is silent
windows dimmed their eyes
benches aligned near walls
heaps of school books weigh in the middle

I walk around and kneel
through floor crevices a caravan of ants
passes towards the mole
like nuns muttering their prayers
under father’s magnifying glass
in a slow and steady march
over fears worries dismay

looking at them I understood
tomorrow they will devastate
my philatelic collection
inside worn-out covers between stamps
favorite pastime

it’s forbidden to cry out
things are so tiny here
I must throw snowballs on the blackboard
that blinds me

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Belated Flight

It’s been days since I’m counting pigeons,
fat, gray, black pigeons
resting carelessly on my neighbor’s balcony
amongst worn-out things.

When I hear them cooing in the morning
as if they were sleeping awake feather to feather
I feel a taste of mold on my teeth.

I would like to throw the paper there
in order to spread the news
fearing of waking up one day
with many pairs of wings spoiling my window,
not knowing what to do,
tongue tied, petrified, clutching the pulse of my left temple.

Maybe that man doesn’t know either,
maybe it’s not too late

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