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No Entry

I lost a lifetime
walking always on the road’s middle
between the two ways
following the line drawn with white paint
with a straight back and a forward look
as if I were carrying a basket on my head
with a sleeping bird in it

maybe it would have been better
if life hooked me by the scruff
to shake me completely
like some people seize newborn puppies
keeping them head under water
in a bucket filled by rain

but I walked farther
fearing the bird would fly away
from the top of my head
far from the city the country the planet
deep in the night behind my back
where over someone’s heart weighs
the total eclipse of the earth

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First Flight

two black eyes are closer
to one another
the closer they are
the farther the world seems
teardrops are useless
under thick mascara purple make-up
many other dark rings are hiding
the two eyes blink dry at once
hoping no one will notice
the more they blink
the emptier the waiting room

two other girls stay shoulder to shoulder
crying their troubles with true tears
the lonely girl looks at them so clearly
wondering if they are noticing her
tightening her dress belt
weighing the heavy suitcase after a sleepless night
before the long distance plane race
a slight dizziness it’s the sign morning is there
and she is lucky to see perfectly
heeding to the announcements
so hard to hear by those with wide opened eyes

either silence or carelessness or teardrops
hidden under make-up
or under a rain of words
the deeper they are hidden
the heavier to pass them
between the others
from one customs area to another

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The train whines on its rails,
cornflowers wither
in a deserted small station.
Someone has built a road nearby
twining like vines
between walnuts and hazels.

The travelers rest in the shade,
cyclists fall asleep on handlebars,
horse-drawn wagons loiter in dust,
old songs are hummed once again
near the freshly plowed stubble field.

The road expends its transitory prints
slowly and painstakingly
in this age of velocities
aiming different directions.

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the hours on a straight road
are measured in shadows
a spindle spins the time
two steps forward one step behind

either winter or summer
I believed I was in love
stranger to others and to myself
a storm torch was slurping my eyes
smooth like soft boiled eggs
I was lighting vigil candles in a cave

the passage seasons were short
night tunnels covered a train of dreams
digging a minute of oblivion

for a while three bells tolled at once
my arms couldn’t reach my back spine
to stop the earthquake
my heart fell on my ankle
like a canon ball in a gaolbird chain
no matter how I try to lie
I just can’t fly to the moon

memories are propped with songs
which no one sings along
in triple time beat
I chose to walk the shortest road
known by everyone
except for endings

I believed I was in love
a broken credo is a cornerstone
for another church


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The Other Shore

Wanderer in this world
me too I came back to this river
in need to build a bridge
from my past tenses
over his rummaged time

The small footbridge
was waiting for my steps
now only dust flows down
from the days where the river
was rolling on and turning
his big clock tower keys
heavy amid free storms
stirring murky waters

I’m crying in silence rough tears
mourning his lost seconds
wishing to trade my body for a ferry
gliding on cable chains
unlocking forever
the other shore’s road


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