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lily stalk

like a good joke about death
is born
when a little girl hangs cherries on her ears
and her grandma feels a spasm in her heart

it hardly lights up like the fire
from memories
but some tobacco remains in the old cigar box
that no one ever cleans

love is bitter
like wheat porridge with too much sugar
like a sigh you cannot pull out
from flesh
not even with a needle

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Another Boundary

the old men left
the young hearts boundaries
stones broke out from their roots
like a dry bread split on the knees

the dough didn’t raise anymore
under the hand stitched towel
brick dust is sifted slowly
on a spider’s nest
in the bread oven’s window

next winter will pass quickly
everything will freeze under cold chimneys
like in a dry ant mole
cut with a scythe

only in March when the earth
will germinate its fangs
the house vineyard will cry
with cold sweat in each new shoot

at Easter all great grandchildren
barely having learned to walk
will step over dandelion flowers
burning in the yard
lightly and without traces

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Pedestrian Passage

I lived on the withered poplars street
my trembling ankylosed eyes
slipped over that thin man
carelessly balancing his dark blue bag
on his shoulder
with smaller and tight steps
I kept dragging behind the early hours
towards the green school gate
uniform control sobriety moment
portfolio under my arm
keeping one hand in a pocket

my joints were still stung
by that halting gesture
when I did not say hello to him
for it was early morning
too topsy-turvy and unconventional
or because of that yellow traffic light
on my back
driving me on the other side
of that lonely pavement

in the evening it snows weakly
between trees burning with spring fever
passing red sparkling lights
wild fruits crushed in the past
under dawn toes

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A Walk in the Rain

Clear, cherished rain,
woven and breathing like old cloths
catching new scents outdoors,
covering my window when no one could see me,
a lonely girl in front of a trembling mirror

I went across you to reach your boundaries,
walking on my heels, arms stretched stealthily,
eyes and nostrils opened,
following your road between sky and seas
letting you build me in a wall
from foundations to the roof’s top
singing in eaves

Impetuous rain, wrested out,
foaming, streaming with innocence,
flooding my dreams flown to nowhere,
joining fresh grafts on memories
to tame their future flowers…

Sometimes when I listen to you
silence grows deeper over oceans

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The Thief

the garden with Sunrise Apples was deserted
branches bowed down scratching the earth
ants were roaming between rotten fruits
snails were hiding in shady grasses
small grubby shrinking apples
were falling now and then
struck by winds beforehand
in the sound of wooden bell board
storm clouds were approaching

a child sneaked beyond the weakened gate
filled his cap with apples
tasting only one throwing all the others
nibbling quickly a wild sorrel leaf
he ran whistling in the rain

the next winter heavy snowstorms
broke old tree branches
the child was eating juicy oranges
looking at his Christmas tree
where globes were like apples

summer times came back
the child didn’t return to the garden
there were now many ripe apples
crowding each other
swaying like church bells

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