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Fiat Lux

on the corridor without light
every proprietor has his door
behind which he repairs
floors walls windows
he sharpens blunt knives
chops food for dogs
parsley leaves for soup

have you seen somehow nobody
I’m asking the closed doors
with the back still straight
in this wonderland nobody is crying
the others are blind for autumn colors
they place eyelid over eyelid
lightly like leaf upon leaf
heaps of eyes without eyeballs
without opening

I can still see to knock on doors
stretching forth the charity box
in the dark
hopes are thin fingers
touching lightly the globe
a toy that doesn’t turn
and yet it staggers

the sun shows up beyond the clouds
every time silence is here

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I lay on the narrow bed
with my mouth open
a mosquito bites my tongue
just when I was dreaming to speak

something about the last war
or the long lasting peace without borders
pointing with the machine-gun
to the insect fallen in a moon’s crater

I wake up with bloody lips
because of too much silence
and words lost on the front
without question marks
like apples of Discord sliced with the axe
like a black box of a guillotined pilot

thrusting deep the champagne cork
to avoid an explosion
I drink only sweet water from a spring
consecrated at day break

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House snakes have disappeared from the rotten and darkened corn shed. A few dead embers lie near the stove, covered in cinders. On the small windowsill someone forgot a mouse trap. Under the stable’s rafters cobwebs hang heavy catching swallow nest crumbs. The well’s wheel got stuck, silence slithers in the whitewashed wall crevices. At a far distance blue trains sizzle, the river’s waters are swift and murky.
I should better rest in the garden, feeling the earth’s sap dragging me down, hearing old men sharpening their scythes. In those times grasses grew tall and upright. Clouds begin to gather over me, gliding on my back spine. I think it’s going to be a storm, like it was before and always.

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Sunset Stars

The mountains are calling
for newborn spring waters
to grind smoothly
their hearts of stone.

The forest is sparkling
in its mirthful leaves
like sacred towels wiping off
the sunset’s rusty glow.

I took my words out,
brought them to the watermill,
my eyelids got whiter,
losing their pulse.

Through wide open eyes,
frozen at once,
a star’s deep light reached me
like a breeze.

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Far and away, high over these lands,
where even the sea has learned the silence,
between sun and nonexistence,
motherly words are growing up slowly
from children’s eyes dew
unveiling snow and grass fields
stretched over earth’s songs,
encrypted piously on stone plates
deeply rooted here.

I’m listening, waiting, reaching out
to be a story page
among everything akin to me,
through its firm settled time
like an eternal fortress
built in thought.

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