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to raise myself little by little
up to the blackbird’s nest
already forgotten by God
my long hair more and more rough and salty
to wrap it around the bird as if a dry tree’s cradle
to feed it from my green nut eyes
from tears of happiness
to make it grow
with its wings crisscrossed
with a bolted beak
until it will be bigger than the sun in my eyeballs
and the only door open like the clear blue sky
yet forbidden for me
would eventually close

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Maybe one day
I should have been born apart,
at a far distance from the place
where the embers’ shadow wriggles
on the ancient brick wall.

The circle of sun,
a spinning run’s print in the sand of memory,
tightened inside my body
like snow melting in March.
Maybe it was farther than dreams,
somewhere between the autumn seeds
sleeping like buried forests
with their crests tired of a high flight
bluer than the first silence…

And my shadow returned home
before sunset.

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Sweet Lily Scent

once upon a time when the moon
was always full up on the sky
there was a city with half bird – men
flying through rings of fire in the woods
on every winter solstice

otherwise they were humble and pious
grinding with their claws the church floors
pecking with their beaks each icon
in their own image
giving birth to young ones fed with bird milk
baptized in cedar cinders

after getting wed they avoided mirrors
arranging their feathers to each other
the lonely going to the barber

showing up into this world
they had downs in every color
snatching at dusk one feather after the first flight
in order to go asleep
when there were just a few left on their wings
they were falling into flames on solstice days

the old men say that from those ashes
carnivorous flowers were growing
giant white lilies with long necks
which no human claw could ripe

one summer day the sun exploded
and the city burnt down until the last stone

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The Quince

people say she’s walking hunchbacked
loafing topsy-turvy
after each rain looking for snails with one eye
avoiding to step over fresh mushrooms
the other eye clings to the moon on clear sky
when the sun is still weak
her fingers tremble trying to catch butterflies
her big shadow scares them away
sometimes she makes a peaked cap with her hands
to avoid light burns

if you see her from afar she walks stumbling
if you pass by her side she looks aside
one day old foals lick her palms
chicks peck at her feet
she gathers everlastings
giving them to poor widows in cemeteries

it’s been said she became like this
when a quince fell upon her head
on a too hot October day
the cat just delivered five kittens
she placed them in a basket
swayed them one day and a night
keeping in her bosom a white one
as if it were a rose

at midnight she gets out
in the middle of the road
straightens her back leaning her head backwards
looking at the stars as if she were swallowing them

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After many comebacks
To my own past tense,
To fresh roots and buds
Offering new sense,

I have seen those white wings
Struck by too much light,
Burnt and then divided
Faltering in flight.

From their earthly ashes
Grew a chain of rings,
Eyes were closed and pierced
With that darkness stings.

Blind, from a soul lily,
I took just a part.
Couldn’t bear more weight
The moon was apart.

I abjured that crumb
Letting it to yeast
Between sky and earth
Near man life’s feast.

Around dawn I heard
Through the sunrise shrouds
Heartbeats of a dream
Breaking all the clouds…

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