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Redemption Street

it was a city where high heels seldom popped
on the daily trespassed asphalt
but when that happened the earth trembled from its hinges
like the tables from the dining car
swirling swifter than toy pinwheels in the children’s playground

couples of lovers with thin shoe soles walked upon kerb stones
learning to step blindfolded eye-to-eye
like in a townsfolk’s facebook
people exchanged their wedding and baptism photos
look I give you my dead ones my past since Adam and Eve
you give me yours
we stay chatting we talk about talks we utter words about wording
some person tried to say something on his own and after that he broke apart
he forgot even about who art in heaven
he shrank water-soaked clinging to the wires
like an odd colored sock

it was in the beginning of the third millennium
when many still believed in Robinson Crusoe’s Bible
up in the pastures grass sprouts were still luscious and that was amazing

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natural law

if man doesn’t have a normal percentage of insanity
the others smell him
alike the cat that finds out which kitten isn’t hers
they nudge him and push him aside
he will go stray from corner to corner all of his life
he will dry alone in his shell like a snail
without tasting the fruits of this earth
and he will die stretched in his bed like soft dough
rolled and thinned between fingers

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Cactus Thorns

trains are running
between me and others
without any halt allowed
ghost ships are sailing
in a tall cactus desert

a gaolbird’s chains
get rusty in my palm
right before sunset I’m like an old brick
slowly eroded

I get out from my house onto the main road
I stand up
near the watchmaker’s shop
still undemolished
crying without a handkerchief
out of fashion accessory
hardly breathing in my corset
made of unanswered questions

could this be November
or March?

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Adjustment Spasm

I had an uncertain diagnostic
that is why I never wore glasses
sometimes my eyes were magnifying
other times they were lessening
the world was cloudy I couldn’t see the pathway
going where my heart was dragging me

after a while my disease aggravated
I began to draw back fearing to collide with walls
fighting my way on narrow passages
on each arterial road with one way signs

I seldom looked the people in the eyes
afraid to make them smaller or bigger
one day I was left alone
I searched for a long time in the mirror
the sky toppled down over me
like a foggy cataract
I wasn’t blind yet

I checked my heart and tore it out
locked it in a glasses’ sheath
each morning I clean it carefully
only in a clockwise direction

I’m looking through it on working days
from outside inside
and from the inside outside
on holidays

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Weaponless Guards

as long as there’s no certain point
for every beginning or end
certitude is a revolving circle
a combination between alpha and omega

without the omega wolf the pack would break apart
some are howling for all the others
some are barking their pain inside
detaching from the warm blood world or reptiles fangs
shivering in the wind like feeble seeds
searching for a crevice inside ruins

the amphitheater is empty
once they made here sacrifices for their Gods
they were half humans half beasts
without fearing the moon or the stars
more powerful than clouds

nothing is changed
the fortress’ walls are still concentric
when the beginning or the end show up
they always fall under guillotine
the circle is breaking people dance around
the ants build another mole
ripe apples tumble down on the castaway’s head
for he is condemned to stay awake

his watch is straining the blood
to pass drop by drop
from one pyramid to another
until only dust remains


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