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Reaching Out

A mask was walking beside me
I didn’t ask for her name
it was in March a century ago
snow was melting gloves were left at home
and anyway no one cared about masks
no one pitied their tears
no one was impressed by their smiles
That’s what I was thinking
that’s why I never wore masks

She was insisting that I give her shelter
hiding my face looking through her eyes
I didn’t listen to her proposal
following the road towards a crowded city square
There I walked round and round fresh fountains
smiling and crying
hoping that someone will notice me

It was so strange I was among talking masks
no one recognized me no one said hello
That old ragged mask must have been falling in the dust
somewhere behind me
I was alone


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Sweet Lily Scent

once upon a time when the moon
was always full up on the sky
there was a city with half bird – men
flying through rings of fire in the woods
on every winter solstice

otherwise they were humble and pious
grinding with their claws the church floors
pecking with their beaks each icon
in their own image
giving birth to young ones fed with bird milk
baptized in cedar cinders

after getting wed they avoided mirrors
arranging their feathers to each other
the lonely going to the barber

showing up into this world
they had downs in every color
snatching at dusk one feather after the first flight
in order to go asleep
when there were just a few left on their wings
they were falling into flames on solstice days

the old men say that from those ashes
carnivorous flowers were growing
giant white lilies with long necks
which no human claw could ripe

one summer day the sun exploded
and the city burnt down until the last stone

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Once I kept silent
Fearing to prophesy another ending
For my besieged fortress
Then others began to shout
Hysterically asking for my answer.

I was so afraid of a high-pitched cry
Giving rise to an avalanche
Keeping in mind I don’t know why
In the beginning was the Word.

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