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Lied for the Moon and the Evening Star

in a lonely woman’s world
each crack in the walls
is a twinge among the ribs
the neighbors’ footsteps
weigh on her chest when she breathes
if rats teem in the basement
cold shivers climb her back

elsewhere a mother breastfeeds and a child cries
in the lonely woman’s house clocks get rusty
barometers and zippers
everything flows
when it rains her body is like a moist biscuit
from supplies hidden in trenches
by future unknown heroes

far from the city walls
the river grinds the stones slowly
in winter under ice
around loneliness the canopy of heaven
closes like a placenta
with veins from blue stars

the woman files her nails into flesh

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Sunset Stars

The mountains are calling
for newborn spring waters
to grind smoothly
their hearts of stone.

The forest is sparkling
in its mirthful leaves
like sacred towels wiping off
the sunset’s rusty glow.

I took my words out,
brought them to the watermill,
my eyelids got whiter,
losing their pulse.

Through wide open eyes,
frozen at once,
a star’s deep light reached me
like a breeze.

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A Traveler’s Refuge

Now my heartbeat is measured in fathoms
its ticking swirls in the depths
I recollect diluted smiles in photographs
erased footprints in rusty sands
crouching words like hedgehogs in my thoughts
old toys and tinsel from long forgotten Christmas trees

It is good that I can hear the rain
pattering on dry leaves
eyes are like sponges
washing away traces
and I am almost certain
at the edge of the road
that stars are still reading
the snow covered map
of my tomorrow’s journey

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the old church gate is a heart growing bigger
through which blood passes in a thin stream
windy rains whipped the bricks
there is no more key
you must strain yourself to raise it a little
a sunflower wheel stuck on the wall

at sunset bats fly like hot arrows
whistling near my ears
stars foam didn’t quench the fire yet
I am certain it will be so many
that I will become a feather easy to be blown away

I’m wiping a blind wing’s trace on my front
returning towards the entrance
stepping firmly on the ground
near a cross I picked four threads
of basil growing wild

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The Quince

people say she’s walking hunchbacked
loafing topsy-turvy
after each rain looking for snails with one eye
avoiding to step over fresh mushrooms
the other eye clings to the moon on clear sky
when the sun is still weak
her fingers tremble trying to catch butterflies
her big shadow scares them away
sometimes she makes a peaked cap with her hands
to avoid light burns

if you see her from afar she walks stumbling
if you pass by her side she looks aside
one day old foals lick her palms
chicks peck at her feet
she gathers everlastings
giving them to poor widows in cemeteries

it’s been said she became like this
when a quince fell upon her head
on a too hot October day
the cat just delivered five kittens
she placed them in a basket
swayed them one day and a night
keeping in her bosom a white one
as if it were a rose

at midnight she gets out
in the middle of the road
straightens her back leaning her head backwards
looking at the stars as if she were swallowing them

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