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In this dimming light,
beside myself and incomplete,
I don’t know if I’ll ever be
an awning made of clouds
or a sunbeam locked in stone.

But as long as the horizon
will keep me above
I shall stay away from whirlpools
which can engulf thirstily
my heavenly dewdrop.

Hoping I won’t lose my halo
suspended over waters.

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Quenched Fire

I locked my bedroom door
hiding like a wounded dog
without cleansing my injuries
there’s a blue hole in my belly
the color of dreams stronger than life

my unborn children strike my temple bones
stepping over my heart going down
along with my wishes
rough sand grinding in my stomach

I’m a woman with thousands of arms
rotating over head like a sword dance
one day they will fall over top
thorns will spring out from the bed
where I’m freezing

Jesus has a heart in flames above me
in another icon His Mother holds in her hands
a flower shaped heart
if I look closely I can see
that clouds are small angels
snowing over the blue hollow

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Perpetuum Mobile

A smell of burnt nails
spreads at the farrier workshop,
horse’s tail swirls
trying to get rid of gadflies.
The man brought him here,
tightened the rope
and bellows are now panting
heating a purple fire.

The horse would cry if he had tears
in this perpetual torture
with his guilt measured
by the size of his hoofs.
Still he stays tied to that pillar
while sledgehammers hit rhythmically
as on a church bell board.
Then he recovers to be harnessed
dragging the wagon
far from the green pasture
where he was biting the grass
in full moon light.

Now the road is sloping,
his body aches
wrapped in the scent of yellow hay.
Everything rests the same –
men, horse whips, stables and night’s Pegasus.

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Dry Migraines

I feel cupping glasses
sticking on my front
wet leaves striking the windows
pain squeezing my heart
as if it were a wine press
eyes are burning with dry fever

loneliness is bitter-sour
I stretch my hand towards the moon
see her floating between clouds
like a green nut in jelly
my fingers sweat cold

the wind is crowding in wagons
vagabond dogs bark
pneumatic hammers forging
neighbor’s quarrels
night darkness and lights

amidst car sirens
a seagull passes
like a soft balm
over city tides

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Somewhere in Spring

the neon lights is stifling
dry carnations on the night table
a breeze slips
through the half opened window
blowing chestnut flowers
fresh thorns in a stretched palm
perfusion tubes stagger slightly
the patient’s moan clings
to the upper bar of feelings
in a crowded trolley bus
visitors come and go
the old woman falls asleep
crouching in her bed
like a child on nut shells
facing the corner

in the morning chloride vapors blend
on the floor shining like melting ice
life monitors in the emergency room
are ticking and buzzing
louder than wasp swarms
a round spot of sunlight
fills in a honeycomb on the bed sheets
it is still spring

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