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Fiat Lux

on the corridor without light
every proprietor has his door
behind which he repairs
floors walls windows
he sharpens blunt knives
chops food for dogs
parsley leaves for soup

have you seen somehow nobody
I’m asking the closed doors
with the back still straight
in this wonderland nobody is crying
the others are blind for autumn colors
they place eyelid over eyelid
lightly like leaf upon leaf
heaps of eyes without eyeballs
without opening

I can still see to knock on doors
stretching forth the charity box
in the dark
hopes are thin fingers
touching lightly the globe
a toy that doesn’t turn
and yet it staggers

the sun shows up beyond the clouds
every time silence is here

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The Last Olive Tree

– grabby man, why do you have such empty eyes?
– it is not true child
look deep and you will see
crystal fish beneath the well’s gravel
unimparted secrets
where neither thieves’ hoe sliced
nor master’s bucket stole

– man you are like thistle’s flower
no one tastes you
apart from grizzled goats
– the sun is blinding you my child
otherwise you would have known
that I made a vow long ago
to grow upon a land that doesn’t tremble
forever on the tongue of truth
to keep silent
until the stars will fall down
all under my temples
until the fools will forget laughter and crying

you will hold my hand
a branch bowing in the wind
with a knife made of bone
you will cut me at sunrise

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we were gathering on the narrow bench
near the plank table
a polenta wheel was steaming golden
under the forty watt bulb lamp
grandma was untying her headkerchief
grandpa was slicing the onions in the middle
their yellowish core was for me

now there’s only yellow in my eyes
the sun rolling over round haystacks
the home made panettone color
dandelions blooming and burning on Easter
my loved ones’ faces shivering on hot days
close to their last gate

my God why did You left so much gold in my hands
the osier leaves climb down yellow
on abandoned pathways
I’m exhausted like trees
I shall dream on these days
within a white butterfly sleep

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Star light’s cinders are boiling quietly
within wheat grains tender milk,
seed cores are beating fast
to open blue sky’s heavy door,
frail shadows are swept by winds
winnowing grasses scents,
the clouds swallow their tears
over a hot steamy mirror.

The sun is silently turning a clock
under well’s cold waters,
new songs spring out from depths
feeding flights and ripe fruits.
In the evening brides and grooms palms sit down
listening to earth’s heartbeat.

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Atop of a white mountain
a voice recalls for some of us
abandoned hurricanes.
(On the screen a planiglobe,
the Bible and an olive branch.)
The forecast weather is missing
and also the dove which returns
meeting with a land
not exhausted yet.

I’s true that until it will show up
we will still have a hot burning sun
far above our heads.

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