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Odissey Fragment

I mounted on a ship
my eyes tied in a storm
unseen by others

life turned around
made me bump accidentally
into porcelain statues
arabesque fancy works
carrying filigree thoughts
afraid of being broken

memories brushwood whined
it was a frosty day
fir branches were ruffling
my heart’s crust was too thin
I tore soft crumbs for the blind men

the past dug in my temple
a marathon of never-ending moments
over phreatic water beds
winding long threads of silk dreams
on mast cables

I was waiting for shores
to come back

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Between Two Rains

the tram stops in front of the supermarket
a chic lady passes between street vendors
swaying a sun umbrella
she doesn’t give charity
her smile is like an automatic door

a small spider trembles on my elevator’s wall
I step out trying not to touch it
anyway it won’t become a big spider
I open my kitchen window
blowing out a yellow ladybug
anyway it won’t survive on the motorway
I turn my mechanical clock key
falling asleep

time engulfs his children one by one
sometimes a metronome strikes louder
it’s not a solution to dream my life away
each sleep offspring grows like a whale
swallowing churches completely
delivering in the depths shapeless creatures
me I stay inside

I count two sleepless nights
then I get back into the city
an old man with a sun umbrella waits
in the same tram station

I figured out all these
because in this big city
I know only two streets by heart

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Throwing Myself on the Closed Window

a woman passes by
it is a change of medical staff
without their overalls they look the same
she wears a black high collar blouse
her neck stems from a thread of acorn beads
I don’t dare to ask a thing

in the cancer hospital I forgot where I came from
walking on corridors periodically enlarged
into squared hall rooms between elevators
flashing red lights
the exit is somewhere behind or ahead
on one side windows are opened towards a blind wall
on the other side closed facing the inner garden
filled with quinces walnuts crow nests

I’m sticking my front on the window pane
a glassy fog melts in my eyes
tight lips I’m coughing and hiccuping
here are many forbidden doors
my wristwatch has stopped right now
at noon


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