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Alternate Pictures

clear sky at noon
too much light around
unequal beats from dawn and sunset
towards North

in the compartment a stiff suitcase
pushed in a corner like a safety belt
her wristwatch shining every five minutes
the windowsill pressing her temple
unspoken thoughts floating

raising her head
a murky sky was oozing inside
deepening horizons
her eyes were avoiding themselves
sparkling reflections on the glass
more and more pale flocks of birds
clock needles in her pupils
entering the tunnel at dusk

she looks in the mirror
maybe unwillingly
light drips like lukewarm tea
melting slowly and softly
her eyelashes are disjointed flights
losing their direction
other eyes break others’ eyes shell
new street lamps light in the same station

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Solitude’s Hopes, Bell’s Ropes

My eyelids are crumpling
like lemon skins squeezed
until the very last,
a hidden flame is dripping
through open and bitter pores.

Incense is burning in the chapel,
my knees’ traces
scatter in cinders
near the iron stove,
a white sun glides
upon pew arms.

At snowfield’s edge
roofs are fuming, trains are running,
people on the corridors
are clutching the window bars
hand after hand,
a thread of words tightens,
bells are tolling for vespers
closer and closer.

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Winter Train

I’m waiting for a belated train
over the even fields
snow colors are turning my eyes spokes
a silvery pigeon passes by
cutting dusk clouds

Under a fir wrapped in hoarfrost
someone forgot an old pram
the others renounced before me
I’m alone in the waiting room
thirsty for one hour
the cold drags out some tears
well’s water has a taste of rust
frozen fangs bite my soles
the ice is almost hot

A warm train approaches
lights shivering inside like in a hollow pumpkin
if I step in I will be a melting honeycomb
in bitter tea
I waited too long

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