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Potty Song

there was a man in the hospital yard
piles of bitter words
flowing by the corners of his  mouth
like downpour in the trough

I wasn’t sure
if I saw the future or the past
on his face the years left uncertain prints
words wounding
like a hoe slowly pulling potatoes from their nest
„it’s not true that a sword
doesn’t cut off a bent head”

I remembered that the fool on the hill
knows better how the sun sets
while I cry
that mom killed my Norwegian snowdrops
and my sweet singing budgie
without being able to say why
without being allowed to say something
about the man haunting any alley
with his head bent down

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Cactus Thorns

trains are running
between me and others
without any halt allowed
ghost ships are sailing
in a tall cactus desert

a gaolbird’s chains
get rusty in my palm
right before sunset I’m like an old brick
slowly eroded

I get out from my house onto the main road
I stand up
near the watchmaker’s shop
still undemolished
crying without a handkerchief
out of fashion accessory
hardly breathing in my corset
made of unanswered questions

could this be November
or March?

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rolling head over heels
until I didn’t stop against the wall
I said just enough „no
for fitting in a moth eye
attracted by a blind lamp

why” doesn’t matter anymore
so many question marks turn into points
between retina and brain
the road is too short

I traced only straight lines
from now on I will erase the asymptotes
like annelids
without articulations

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