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Finish and Touches

Slave enchained in stone,
undefined history beginning,
your words are strangled
dripping like echoless sonatas.

Your Atlas arms bend
under a load heavier than time
rowing in a freedom’s dream
like on a stormy sea.
Your eyes’ arrows aim
directly at the sculptor’s wound
giving you birth in pain,
and now return towards me
from a distant mirror.

Only I can break your chains
in the empty museum hall,
just looking at you,
embracing you with wide-open eyes.


Michelangelo's slaves/prisoners series

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Adjustment Spasm

I had an uncertain diagnostic
that is why I never wore glasses
sometimes my eyes were magnifying
other times they were lessening
the world was cloudy I couldn’t see the pathway
going where my heart was dragging me

after a while my disease aggravated
I began to draw back fearing to collide with walls
fighting my way on narrow passages
on each arterial road with one way signs

I seldom looked the people in the eyes
afraid to make them smaller or bigger
one day I was left alone
I searched for a long time in the mirror
the sky toppled down over me
like a foggy cataract
I wasn’t blind yet

I checked my heart and tore it out
locked it in a glasses’ sheath
each morning I clean it carefully
only in a clockwise direction

I’m looking through it on working days
from outside inside
and from the inside outside
on holidays

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