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brick-colored winds blow stronger
a cretaceous era tied my ankles
to the ground
I’m raising mountains
each time my knees tremble
flint burnt from foundations

if I raise my front straight
in this bloody dust storm
crevices show up in the eye whites
in different directions
with my forefinger I cut pathways
on my temples
dusting off pink dreams plaster
from all sleepless nights

I’m still walking on tiptoes
or on my heels
I’ll never be a brick
in another forecourt
waiting for a new glacial period
to find a place in a heart
like in an igloo

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Winter Train

I’m waiting for a belated train
over the even fields
snow colors are turning my eyes spokes
a silvery pigeon passes by
cutting dusk clouds

Under a fir wrapped in hoarfrost
someone forgot an old pram
the others renounced before me
I’m alone in the waiting room
thirsty for one hour
the cold drags out some tears
well’s water has a taste of rust
frozen fangs bite my soles
the ice is almost hot

A warm train approaches
lights shivering inside like in a hollow pumpkin
if I step in I will be a melting honeycomb
in bitter tea
I waited too long

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Autumn Carol

I was feverish this autumn
I have swallowed a deep green sea
its waves rolled into back bones’ piers

where I can reach I graze and tear off
scale after scale leaf after leaf
my shoulders are like pain-struck wings

I don’t resemble the dragon killer Siegfried
my blood is cold but diluted like rain
therefore I’m not a dragon either
feeling very thirsty searching for sweet springs
round my heart’s chimneys
running from mountain to mountain
from temple to temple
I couldn’t find neither sheep nor shepherds
on the rime covered pathways
slipping towards the valley

and if I begin to moult
I will find myself a deserted cavern
falling asleep without willing or knowing
keeping the secret until spring

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