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The Rails

I stopped wanting
and the rest is forgotten
my temples sweat when I must
wish for something
even the gravity law seems an obstacle
too big for my fall

I lost almost all my dreams
buried in old rubble
like a deflated ball of an orphan child
running after wild raspberries
until the storm was unleashed

probably in the depths
through the sewerage system
they are transmitting
the despair Morse code
the blood pulse unwillingly pumped
the dreams lost like too large bracelets
found again only in someone else’s yard
smelling like mud and rust

I want no more bitter or sweet taste
I’m swallowing like a paralytic
one mouth full of air at a time
without waking up or getting asleep

with my head stuck on the rails
I’m hearing
coming back from the mountains
a very slow train

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Something Wanted

Maybe wanting means only a dream,
an unforgettable heartbeat,
like the flash in a black and white photograph
with yellow tinged corners

Maybe the dream is too short,
it doesn’t have wings to fly
far over misty lands until it becomes dust.

For it is only when a dream is lost,
when we learn to let go,
that our past wishes come true

But all indebted to our death,
we are still clinging to our dreams
wishing, hoping, wanting
reaching for their shores…

Don’t ask what I really want now
because I need to hear the sound
of big butterflies clasping their wings
on a crowded avenue.

How can I let go of wanting
when I don’t own my dreams anymore?
I lost them one by one,
my dreams granary is empty,
wooden windmills are still.

Ask that child with cloudy eyes,
he will tell you he had never seen a rainbow.

There are many winters to come
before his first rainbow will appear.
Until then he will want always and always
something else.


Written for  One Single Impression prompt “wanting”.

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