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Star light’s cinders are boiling quietly
within wheat grains tender milk,
seed cores are beating fast
to open blue sky’s heavy door,
frail shadows are swept by winds
winnowing grasses scents,
the clouds swallow their tears
over a hot steamy mirror.

The sun is silently turning a clock
under well’s cold waters,
new songs spring out from depths
feeding flights and ripe fruits.
In the evening brides and grooms palms sit down
listening to earth’s heartbeat.

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The World Within

Crickets are now silent.
The wind breaks down
too high and frail grass blades.
Even the brook got tired
knocking on boulders.

Everything that was once a song
is now a statue,
water’s useless rumble
hinders the invasion of other sound studs.

My thoughts grow in waves
and freeze into stones,
holding and understanding
the entire world.

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