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The World Within

Crickets are now silent.
The wind breaks down
too high and frail grass blades.
Even the brook got tired
knocking on boulders.

Everything that was once a song
is now a statue,
water’s useless rumble
hinders the invasion of other sound studs.

My thoughts grow in waves
and freeze into stones,
holding and understanding
the entire world.

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Rain Child

It’s warm in September
and the air is rancid,
after so many days of drought
hot clouds roll in the sky’s marrow

Tiredness bites the tendons,
I’m hardly running,
a butterfly rests on my front wrinkles
and there are still cobwebs
amongst the vines
vibrating before being torn
with a shard of smile

In the red eye corner
I’m painting a teardrop
so I can cry beneath the mask.
I put on my gray raincoat,
tightening the laces,
gusts of wind cut my arms
with a young forest hum,
they weigh rootless on my chest,
the air whimpers like a baby
and it starts raining

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