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NO, I did not go nuts!!
In my country there is the habit of caroling on the occasion of Christian holidays, I really don’t know what is customary in other countries, or how warm are your hearts around Christmas…

Therefore, overcoming my shame (because I don’t have musical aptitudes or special equipment or some sort of education of this kind) I took the decision to carol a song for you, the readers of this blog, whom I consider to be a kind of neighbors and friends.

In advance I sent you all my best wishes and be careful; listen to it only if you have an open heart to my disabilities and loneliness…This is closer to my real voice:

And a Romanian carol, but in another room, other echoes:

And a funny and weird fact: my youtube analytics show that I have over 2000 visits but only 10% men and 90% women! LOL, as they use to say on facebook.

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If I Were a Wheat Field

When I was a child
I wanted to grow among people
with my words swaying forever
within the ripe wheat breeze.

Dreams gathered like dew
inside cold and clean pitchers
while singing fountains
were stemming from my heart,
barefooted on city streets.
The hours lost
in an abacus without beads
were melting night into day
and day into gray snowfall.

Tears are burning dry
over the vines with sour grapes.
And how I crave
to break this light’s wheat ears
in two, in three…
in pieces I can’t count.


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