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I lay on the narrow bed
with my mouth open
a mosquito bites my tongue
just when I was dreaming to speak

something about the last war
or the long lasting peace without borders
pointing with the machine-gun
to the insect fallen in a moon’s crater

I wake up with bloody lips
because of too much silence
and words lost on the front
without question marks
like apples of Discord sliced with the axe
like a black box of a guillotined pilot

thrusting deep the champagne cork
to avoid an explosion
I drink only sweet water from a spring
consecrated at day break

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they have exiled me
in a city with glass pavements
from my yesterday remained
only expired oxygen
I’m breathing rarely from the depths
like a diver
only through a mask
anyway no one recognize me
neither do I

people carry one sun ball
instead of their heart
they walk on tiptoes
unwinding little by little
entangled threads behind them
forgotten words in the Tower of Babel
feelings in a big kneader

I’m stepping from knot to knot
with naked soles softening
crumpled by too much heat
like newborn wrinkles

I started to talk in my mind
learning the deaf alphabet
my shadow abjured me
she stays hung without tongue
on the Pole Star

not even she can remain here
still and nailed

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Sunset Stars

The mountains are calling
for newborn spring waters
to grind smoothly
their hearts of stone.

The forest is sparkling
in its mirthful leaves
like sacred towels wiping off
the sunset’s rusty glow.

I took my words out,
brought them to the watermill,
my eyelids got whiter,
losing their pulse.

Through wide open eyes,
frozen at once,
a star’s deep light reached me
like a breeze.

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Word of Freedom

A second’s heavy beat
fastens a lock on the chain
uniting present and never.
Fir branches bow at night
a newborn dream emerges
crawling on a staircase
towards me.

Furrows return in the field
the sun gathers ripe shadows
a road lies ahead and behind
smooth and straight.

Sunset sways me sleepless
sunrise’s sting is cold and deep.
Autumn and spring
my burning eyes still search
the betrothal ring
with eternity.
Place it on my finger
the chain would break.

Breathing, sighing, breathing.

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I began to dig inside words
tunnels for the siege of a crystal fortress
raised unexpectedly
right in the middle of poppy fields
where children pick up flowers
slowly learning how they fade

I scrape in silence bending forward
tomorrow’s earth compresses me
heavy mounds cover dry roots
nails with purple blood berries
scratch in depths a secret map
many bridges I can’t locate
between mankind and sky

my heart throbs on a desert street
trying to hide from its old fears
I will bite further from a frozen silence
once filling up the fountain
of rejuvenation

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